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Default Upgrade/replacement from Canon A570is

I'm looking to replace (and upgrade) from my Canon A570is. I loved my A570is, but it was recently broken when dropped while open. I looked into repair cost, but was quoted $100-150, so it makes more sense to buy a new camera.

I'm looking for:
  • More optical zoom - I've felt limited by 4x for almost the entire time I owned the A570is - I often take wildlife and landscape shots and would like to be able to get in much closer.
  • Higher megapixels - I do print photos up to 16x20" now and would like to be able to print in a larger format if I had a camera that could handle that.
  • I've always had a Canon (A570, A75, AE-1), but I'm somewhat open to another maker if I can't get what I'm looking for with Canon
  • I am a novice, but I like having manual control. I've taken a couple of photography classes (hence the AE-1) and while I often do use a pre-set option or auto, I like being able to change these settings and more fully control the image.
  • I use the macro feature regularly with nature photos, but it's not an absolute priority.
  • I've liked having AA batteries, but this seems less common and isn't a deal breaker. Though if I were to end up with a Li battery, I'd probably want to be able to get a backup at a reasonable price. I have taken 300-500 photos in a day when traveling.
  • I don't care about video, it's nice to have, but something I rarely use.
  • Size isn't a huge concern for me - I'd like to be able to put the camera in my purse, but I've never had a camera small enough for a pocket. I'd prioritize great photos over size of camera.
  • I'm looking in the $250-$400 price range, but might be able to go a tiny bit higher if there's a "perfect" model - my ideal cost would be $350 or less.

I've done some research - starting with the A4000is b/c I've had good luck with that line of cameras, but it doesn't seem to get the same positive feedback as earlier models in the series. The models that come up in my search have been Canon SX40hs, Canon SX260hs, Canon G12, Canon S100, Canon S110 (though pricey). I haven't really ventured outside of Canon, should I?

All in all, I want a great quality image. What camera is going to be the best fit for me?

Thank you in advance!
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Hi GreenApple- If image quality is high on the hit list,then staying with Canon wouldn't be a bad idea.
All of the camera's you mention in your search are pretty much top of their class.
The SX40 certainly has the reach,plenty of manual control,the best image stabiliser I've used to date and good IQ across the board.
The SX260 crams a great deal of zoom into it's bijou body and IQ is as good as any other travel zoom compact out there (consider the 240 if you can do without GPS).
The G12 is a very well made camera,with manual control aplenty- ideal for those who rarely want to go into a menu- preferring a direct button instead- though your zoom range is much shorter than the previous models mentioned.
The S100 is a very compact little fellow,still with enough manual control to satisfy the more "hands on" amongst us and with it's HS sensor and fast lens excels in low light and has very good image quality across the board. Is the S110's extra cost justified with the addition of Wifi and a touch-screen...? Both of course are a good deal shorter in the zoom stakes.

All of the above have their strong suit with maybe a compromise in another area...
SX40HS is a great camera- but less compact...
260(and 240) HS is a useful all rounder, but cramming that zoom in means a fairly slow f/6.8 at the long end of the zoom, necessitating the use of higher iso's than desirable- though the HS sensor is one of the best out there at higher iso settings...
The G12's compromise is its limited zoom range and its size/weight isn't to everybody's taste...
The S100/110 has the IQ- but alas not the zoom....

Other's to consider,maybe- Nikon's P7100 is in the mould of the G12 (indeed has the same sensor) but has more zoom (7X) on offer and the video capture is superior.
Other compacts with a large zoom are the Panasonic TZ25(16x) and the TZ30(20x),Sony's HX10v (16x) and their HX20v (20x).
Alternatives to the SX40hs- well,at their current prices I don't think there is one- with the SX40hs offering the best bang for the buck.
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