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Default Any good compact superzooms coming soon? 9/28/12


I want to buy a new compact superzoom.

Most of what is out there is pretty underimpressive - too much zoom, too many megapixels and too small aperature.

I will buy from what is out there if there are not some impending better cameras about to be released within the next 3 months.

I am looking for:
zoom 10-16x is enough
Few enough megapixels to help keep the noise relatively low.
Aperature 2.8 at shortest focal length (or better)
(need I add from a quality manufacturer?)

Anyone know if anything like this is coming down the line soon?

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G'day mate

Coming soon - who knows? as by & large, the camera companies keep it very close to their chest until release date
However, your 2 best friends as always is DP Review, and Simon40

Regards, Phil
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Howdy juggernaut....
You might be waiting quite some time to tick all of those boxes..!!
Large zoom compacts are compromised by design- their size effectively bringing limitations with them. A fast aperture is one such limitation it seems- and as for the megapixel race slowing up... I wouldn't put my life on it...!!

Samsung's WB850f starts at f/2.8- but has a whopping 21x zoom and after the ghastly lens attached to the 18x WB models I wouldn't be too confident of recommending it. And it comes with the "standard" 16mp...!!
The "affordable" Olympus SH-25mr starts at f/3.0 and has a 12.5x zoom- but again has 16mp....
The best compromise it seems to me- at present- is the Panasonic TZ-25.
Alas, only f/3.3 at the wide end- but it does have a good quality 16x lens up front and has "only" 12mp- sharing the sensor with the very popular FZ-150.
On paper the TZ30 trumps it with its 20x lens,14mp,GPS,stereo audio on movie capture etc... but the TZ-25 seems to have better overall IQ- and might explain why the lower spec' model is more expensive to buy at present..!!
An older model to consider (and they're pretty inexpensive now...) is the Canon SX220(or the 230 if you want GPS).
It has 12mp (same sensor as the SX40hs- which I think is one of the best....), f/3.1 at the wide end,a 14x zoom,Canon's usual superb stabiliser and like the Panny has PASM modes for the more "hands-on" amongst us.....
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