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Default Which camera from these Panasonic and Sony models?

Hi all, I'd be grateful for your advice on helping me choose a good camera. I currently have a Canon IXUS 120. Although it is very compact and the outdoor photos in good light are reasonable I've always found the low light and indoor photos to be very noisy. My main aim is to take photos of my young kids and family photos on holidays. I don't tend to take photos of scenery or anything too far away.

I am very much a novice and prefer to take my photos on auto mode. Although I'm aware that best photos are taken if you have a good understanding of the manual controls I have no real interest to learn this. I don't want a huge SLR camera so size is important. I don't understand the different lenses so not sure if I should buy a camera requiring add on lenses, unless 1 lens would suffice my needs. My budget is around the 400 mark, but could stretch this to 500 if needed.

I have been reading these forums as well other sites for reviews. These are the cameras I've found may be suitable but I'm not sure which would be best for my needs:

Panasonic GX1
Panasonic LX7
Sony HX200V
Sony NEX-5N
Sony RX100

From reading the reviews I'm leaning towards the latter 2 but still undecided which would give me better all round photos in different scenarios and light. The smaller size of the RX100 is definitely a plus, but not sure if it is as good in low light as the NEX-5N.

Thanks again for your advice.
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Hi drkash- the NEX-5N has the potential to yield the best low-light images of the bunch- though much is dependant on the lens attached- and any lens other than their fixed 16mm f/2.8 will mean it is far less pocketable than all mentioned but the HX200v.
The RX100 would be a great little camera to cover all bases....
It has a fast lens (at wide angle) to aid in low light shooting and it's large 1" sensor performs very well indeed at higher iso settings- again a necessity for low light shooting.
It has all the "point and shoot" credentials for simple shooting- and plenty of manual options if you wish to indulge in the future- and its bijou proportions are certainly a big plus point- small enough to be taken anywhere and not intimidate others...
Here's a few samples for you to look at...
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Thanks Simon. I was thinking of probably going for the RX100.

Does anyone have any experience of the following sites as they have good prices for the RX100 (420-430):


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You can have a look at some deals websites, sometimes there is good deal.
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I think you should take Sony RX100... It wonderful camera….I am also using this...it contain lots of features that we want and you can find best deal on any camera shopping sites.
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I agreed with peterthomos sony RX100 is awesome camera with lots features

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