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Default Looking for a replacement camera.....

mostly used for ebay. Need macro capability down to 2" from object.
Also with the least amount of distortion from left to right, up and down when taking a photo of a object that has straight sides. I am currently using a Sony DSC-H10. In wide angle and macro, too much distortion unless I zoom out some. But, then I have to back up from the object too much.

I found my wifes Sony DSC-S780 takes the same photo with less distortion but, quality is not as good as the DSC-H10.

I like the 10x zoom on the DSC-H10 for distance shots.

Any suggestions, been reading lots of reviews, hard making a choice. I don't mind buying used and a cam that's a little older. Budget is $300.00.
A older cam at that price might be the best bet?

Would the Sony DSC-H50 be any better?

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Controlling distortion is very difficult- especially the closer you get to a lens.
I would suggest looking for a camera which doesn't have a particularly wide angle lens- say 35-38mm- getting you closer by default as opposed to physically getting close- potentially reducing distortion levels and not blocking out too much light by being too close to the subject.
Other alternatives are to take the shot further away and cropping the shot later. Shooting further away and zooming a bit reduces distortion levels also.
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