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Default New camera for 400

Hi all,

I'm looking to buy a new camera for the better half for Christmas/her borthday for up to 400 (pounds). Shes previously had a point and shoot Sony Cyber Shot DSC-WX1, which has always taken decent pics, but has frustrated her in the time it takes to process images and how well it can zoom.

I know she'd prefer the size of a compact, but I know she'd also like a camera that can take rapid pics with reasonably fast processing time - I know she gets very jealous of friends DSLR's when they can take action pictures of the kids quickly, and with the zoom get much nearer to them if they're in the distance. So I think thats more important than size, but if its too big, it'll never leave the house!

I've budgeted 400 for the camera itself. She can then buy the basics on top herself as she finds she needs them.
I'd like to think she'll use the camera for 3-4 years minimum.

Generally the camera will be used on walking trips, days out with the family, and action pics of the kids on holidays. A mixture of landscapes and people shots.
No particular sports to photo or anything like that.

I think she'd like the camera to do as much thinking as poss! And will maybe play with it in more detail as her confidence grows or needs to do something specific.

I suspect she'll shoot a 30/70 mix of indoor/outdoor but some of the outdoor definitely being in the evening in low-light

I think she'll only want to produce small ish prints 4*6, or 5*7 - and will show the pics on either the 46" Samsung TV or Laptop screen
She's not really one for spending much time processing images so something thats useful straight from the camera is the order of the day!

I'm open to any brand/model you guys can recommend.
Your feedback is very much appreciated!

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The WX1 was quite a bijou little chap and in its class was quite a performer with a 10fps burst and it's f/2.4 lens was pretty fast also. Of course,processing times in compacts can hold you back somewhat...!!
The size of camera in many cases can be one of the most important factors when considering a purchase. Many quality DSLR's get left at home due to their bulk/weight- and even a humble compact will outperform ANY DSLR sitting at home.
Plus a DSLR is only as good as the lens attached to it, so finance becomes an issue.

If your "better half" want's a decent zoom and a pretty swift processing times in a compact form Panasonics TZ30 is worth a look. Pretty swift also is Sony's HX20v (or 30v if you want WiFi).
Both have full auto/scene modes and manual modes should she wish to delve in the future.
Neither will give you stellar results in low light,but can give decent results provided ones expectations are reasonable.
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IMHO i would take your better half out and let her choose because theres so much thats personnel in cameras where the menus and buttons are
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If you hurry you can get a Nikon 1 V1 with 10-30mm lens for 299 at Wex Photographic online.

They are fabulous little cameras and should suit her very well. There is good system expandability if she ever wants to go in that direction.
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Nikon 1 vi is better for you . you get at wex photographic online in 299.
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Nikon is better for you..check on this site..for review
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