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Default Are there any cameras?

  • That do HD video.
  • Have super high-speed/slo-motion feature (not necessarily at HD).
  • And are WATERPROOF.
  • A bit of optical zoom would be nice.
  • IS would be nice too.
The purpose is to use the camera in and around a swimming pool for taking videos of swimmers both above and below the water for coaching purposes.
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Check out the Sony Cybershot TX200V.
  • The lens is the thing.
  • 'Full Frame' is the new 'Medium Format'.
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That's quite the list! <smile>

I don't know that exact situation, but I guess the things you'd be up against are . . .

1) lighting might not be the greatest.
2) If using for coaching purposes, it would be nice if you could play back the video in slow-motion, be able to freeze it, and then maybe even write on the picture to help explain what you are talking about as the coach.

My daughter does gymnastics, and when I go to the gym, I see the coaches walking around with ipads recording the girls. Then the coach and the gymnast get together and look at the ipad. I asked what software they were using, and it was something called Coaches Eye. They said it had the ability to watch the video in slow-motion, back it up, pause it, and allow the coach to write on the screen to explain what they are talking about better.

I guess being in the pool, it would make it hard to use an ipad. Unless of course there was some sort of waterproof case for it.

As for something that can also be used as a camera, the Olympus TG-1 seems to be a powerful camera right now. I've tried out my buddy's, and it is probably the fastest (trigger speed) of any waterproof camera that I've seen. It will do HD. But I don't know if it does high-speed so that you can do slow-motion. It has a limited native zoom range, but it also has the ability to add lens/filters onto the front. There's one for superwide / fish eye and tele zoom.


Then there is the GoPro series. I don't know much about them. But it may be something to look at. There is the camera that goes underwater. There is a WiFi dongle of somesort that can link to an app running on your ipod or ipad. So I guess the question is . . . can it do slow-motion? Can it freeze motion on playback? And how big is the playback on the ipad? [Maybe pushing it, but can you mark-up a frozen frame on playback?]

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Canon Powershot D20...?
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