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i cant see the pic at all..
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Originally Posted by tayfelix View Post
Haha erm. In camera world, no matter how old is the body, what matters is the lens right?
That may have been truer in the old film days. If there was a new development in film you could always stick it into your old film camera and get the benefit of it.

But, yeah, now-a-days, when there is an improvement in sensor technology, the only way you're going to get it is to get a newer body.

In that case, if you have a dSLR or ILC, then you get to keep your lens and just upgrade the body.

Having said that, there is still lots of life in older dSLR cameras, especially if you get it for the right price.

From a different perspective . . . my daughter (11 years old) wants to shoot with a dSLR every now and then. Rather than hand her the camera I just paid $800 for last year, I'll hand her an old dSLR set-up I put together for ~$150 and let her shoot. I even let my 4 year old handle my "cheap" dSLR camera.

One of my friend's daughter wanted to try shooting with a dSLR at get togethers. I hand her the "cheap" dSLR set-up and let her go crazy.

If my friend's daughter catches the camera bug, I'd suggest they get a cheap used camera first. See if she keeps being interested in it. If she does, then they can explore getting a newer dSLR down the road. If she gets interested in it, then when she gets her "good" camera, she can hit the ground running with everything she's learned from her "first" camera.

Just a random thought.
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My friend said that Nikon is Bad at CCD Sensors and video recording. Is that true? His Nikon Camera Had problems with the CCD Sensor.
Does CCD degrade?
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