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Just press your Print Screen key and then paste the screen capture into your favorite image editor (and something like the free IrfanView would work fine for that purpose with Windows).

Or if the PC is "frozen" where you can't use your Print Screen key and paste the screen capture into image editing software, just use a cheap Webcam to take a photo of the screen instead.

I'd suggest a Logitech C310 for that purpose. You can buy a refurb for $24.99 delivered right now from newegg.com:


Or, you can buy a new one including retail packaging and software for $31.28 delivered from amazon (great deal compared to what other sites are selling it for in new condition).


I've bought 3 of them in the last couple of months myself, as I found that they work great for use with Skype, without some of the issues you see with other webcams (motion blur in lower lighting, poor color, etc.). I ordered the last one in new condition from Amazon so that I could get the retail packaging for a gift to someone else that's not very computer savvy. But, I'd just order the refurb and save a few bucks for personal use (as you can download drivers and software from logitech's web site).

IOW, I've been pretty impressed with that model so far, and after buying one for my wife to use for video calls with kids and grandkids, and seeing how well it worked, I bought another for personal use, then bought yet another one as a gift to someone else. They can take videos or still images and seem to work great with typical indoor lighting.

So, I doubt you'd do much better for the price you can buy one for right now, and as TCav already mentioned, just capture the image using a laptop with a webcam like that connected if the PC that's having problems is locked up and you need to take a photo of it's screen (and many laptops already have built in webcams you could use, but that Logitech has very good Image Quality from my experience with it).
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I share stuff like this (preboot messages and the like) with my IT co-workers with my HTC Inspire and an older iPhone. They provide a plenty good image to get the message across, and we've even used a few of the images in our documentation. Just gotta check the focus and hold the phone steady.
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