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Default Got manual Pentax 35mm/lenses; K200D a good step?

I've got Pentax K-mount lenses. As a first digital body, are the K200Ds out there holding up? I can probably hunt up a used one, if I hunt for a while. But I gather from reading that once something fails, they 'cost more to fix than replace' -- and so I don't know how to pick one.

Am I feeling lucky?
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If you're in the US, KEH has some 200D's and others for @$300 in Excellent and Like New condition. They are the most reputable company in the US for used camera gear. Really low risk buying from them.
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You can't tell how much a used and abuse a dSLR has received, and since processing is free, there's nothing keeping people from using the heck out of their digital cameras. On the other hand, in the days of film, there was no real reason to press the shutter button unless there was film in the camera, and people didn't generally waste film and processing.

So dSLRs generally get more use than film SLRs ever did.

So buying a used dSLR is risky.
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Yes, I know it's risky. So is not taking pictures (grin). In my mid-60s, putting off getting something is less attractive

Only alternative body in the $200-300 range that I am aware of would be one of the Olympus Pens -- that take the older Pentax lenses with an adapter.

Thanks for the pointer to KEH, looking.

Hm, maybe it's time to sell the Leica IIIc and IIIf, which I've used since the 1970s. Hate to do that, but $$!

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