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Default DMC-G5KK or FZ200?

I am a beginner and wanted to purchase either FZ200 or G5KK (H-FS45150K Lumix G Series Lens 45-150 ). My requirements are that I need a camera that can take good indoor and pictures in low light conditions, and secondly I need to take shots at a distance. I am confused which among these would be the better option? Thank you.
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With the G5, you would normally have the 14-42 to start. Add the 45-150 as a longer telephoto to get @ 3x to 10x compared to a P&S zoom. It's real strength is it's size. It's very small and compact. That makes it convenient to have along with a 20mm f/1.7 or similar for use indoors in low light.
The 45-150 wouldn't be a good indoor low light lens or a particularly great lens for distant subjects outdoors. It's more of a walkaround or travel lens because of it's physical size and weight. As part of a "system" the lens would be fine, but with a micro 4/3, you'll still want a fast prime for low light, especially if the subject is moving.
Micro 4/3's don't have "macro" and normally won't focus closer than 3 feet with a long telephoto lens. They don't change from macro and wide angle to 24x automatically like an FZ.
If you don't intend to build a "system", you might be better off with the FZ200 to start.
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G'day WS

I would agree with BB here - the FZ200 with its constant-value f2,8 lens is probably the best compromise for your indoor work, and along with its well-known Leica zoom lens, it will be more than acceptably sharp for most of its zoom range

Certainly - a SLR camera will have faster focussing than a ultrazoom, but I suspect that its focussing & burst capabilities will give you the sort of results you want. Not press [magazine] quality indeed - but more than okay

Regards, Phil
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Thanks BB and thanks mate!

I will settle for a FZ200 since I am not SLR savvy, and each time someone says something about the different lenses, I don't comprehend the language. The one thing that impressed me of the G5 is its touchscreen and the way we can focus on a moving subject by just touching the screen to focus on that subject. The FZ200 is not a touchscreen unfortunately, but it may be a good start to learn the greater details of photography.
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i don't think you'll need to "settle" for the fz200. i had the fz150, and i found myself taking it out a lot more than my heavier dslr. it did take some figuring to nail lower light pics, but with some experimentation, it did a pretty good job. with the faster 2.8 lens to let in more light, the fz200 should do better.

i've had a few micro four thirds cameras, and you have to invest a fair chunk of change to get the reach you get with the fz150/fz200.
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Im going from the FZ 35 to the FZ 200 now that the prices are coming down.
Far from "settling" I think you will be very happy with the FZ 200 !
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