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Default Super-Zoom vs Compact Super-Zoom - Canon SX260 or SX50 (or Nikon Coolpix 510)


I am looking to upgrade my current compact camera, both in terms of image quality, and zoom capability.

My first thought was to look at Super-zooms, as a compromise between a compact and DSLR, and have been considering the Canon SX50 and Nikon Coolpix 510.

I have since noticed the Canon SX260, with its 20X zoom, and far more compact size.

If the image quality produced by the super-zoom cameras is superior to a compact super-zoom, then I would be willing to compromise on the portability (and obviously gain the benefit of the superior zoom).

If the image quality is negligible, I could probably make do with the 20X zoom, and gain the huge benefit in size and weight of the SX260.

Any advice on how super-zoom and compact super-zooms compare in general, or between the SX50 and P510, would be gratefully received.

Many thanks
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The Canon SX240/260 performs quite well for a high zoom compact- partly due to sharing the same sensor as the SX40/50.
The HS50 would obviously have several advantages- though maybe no so much in terms of overall IQ. It will focus faster,has the viewfinder,tilting screen,shoots RAW,flash mount etc...plus more- though if all you were after was a versatile "carry in the pocket" camera,the SX240/260 would be ideal.
I owned the "GPS-less" SX240 and found it to be a very capable pocket companion.
I've also owned the SX50's predecessor- the SX40- and that was a great camera also,with very good IQ for a superzoom, so I wouldn't envisage the SX50 being any worse.
SX50 v P510...? A no brainer for me...
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what about the Panasonic Lumix FZ200?

The FZ200 has all the nice things of the other cameras (24x zoom, optical image stabization, view finder, tilt/flip touch screen) plus it has a constant f2.8 aperture across the entire zoom range meaning it will out perform everything short of an expensive DSLR telephoto setup.

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G'day ACE

fwiw - here's a posting of mine from a while ago showing off the Panasonic FZ 18x zoom lens

Zoom lens test for Panny FZ100

It might give you something to think about
Regards, Phil
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