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Default Looking at the 2013 cameras

Hi, You all have been a great help in the past and I am back for more! I bought a camera last year and my nephew liked it so much that I ended up giving it to him. Sooo...I found a great deal on a Nikon J1 camera and I have been "toying" with getting it. Admittedly, some of its appeal is in its looks, as with my other choices. This is what happens when you are an artist!

I take photos mainly of adult pro decorative art classes in progress, some are in studios with natural light and some poorly lit. Interiors showing interior design and wall art work and 1 - 4 minute promotional video mainly used on social media sites. I do have an iPhone 5 so maybe some of the new cameras I have been attracted to with "photo sharing" are more than I need?

Here is my list of choices and my own personal pros and cons of each. I am open to others!

Nikon J1 - pros: design, great price $239 with 10 - 30mm lens, fast shooting mode, interchangeable lens. Cons: older model, other lens expensive, large for travel

Polaroid iM1836 - Pros: design, internet sharing, interchangeable lens, bluetooth Cons: New so may have bugs to work out.

Canon Powershot N - Pros: Super compact, design Cons: the design may also be a con. I am limited to Best Buy only for actually seeing/holding a camera to try and they keep very limited in store, so don't image they will have this one either.

Nikon 1 S1- Pros: $100 cheaper than J1 new, smaller than J1. So far great reviews from those who saw at the vegas show.

Just for the heck of it, I am going to throw the Canon PowerShot ELPH 110 HS 16.1 in here. A camera "pro" suggested it.

Thank you!
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With regards the age of a given model- I wouldn't worry provided it had the features I needed. I would suggest however, if you're going to be shooting interiors, look for a model with a wide angle lens- something with an equivalent of 24mm or thereabouts.
Also,given that lighting might not often be the best- a model with a larger sensor than is usual for a compact camera would be far superior- as would be a fast (wide aperture ) lens.

Contrary to what I've just said however- I recently acquired a Nikon V1- and despite only having the standard 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 lens attached- I've actually found it to be quite competent in less than ideal lighting-partly due to the decent sized sensor and also a very effective image stabilizer on board. If 27mm is wide enough for you it might be worth considering one of the "1"s...
Here's some indoor stuff shot on the V1...

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Those are great photos! Thanks for sharing!
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If you aren't going DSLR, just get an iPhone ...
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as nice as the iPhone takes photos. my olympus pns take nice photos when I need to zoom. There is a time and place for every different kind of camera.
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I recently used a Nikon J1 to try it out and my iPhone 5 photos looked a lot better, although I had a problem with both of them and light reflection. My iPhone also took some blurry photos as did the J1 and this was even when I took photos with the camera sitting on a table.

So now I am looking for something in a compact that takes better photos than an iPhone and has more than the limited features (none really) that the iPhone. Has anyone tried any of the wifi cameras?
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You need to turn on your flash if you want to take photos in low light.
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