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Default Considering moving from DSLR to Micro Four Thirds

I currently have a Canon 550d which I love (mostly). I have the 18-55mm, 50m f1.8 and 70-200f/4.
Unfortunately I have hardly been using it recently due to the weight of carrying the whole kit around! If I am going into London I am reluctant to carry around my backpack full of camera gear.

I still love taking photos however most of the time I find myself using my iPhone to take the pictures. This is fine however I have been thinking that I would take more pictures if I had a lighter camera, as such I have been looking into Micro Four Thirds cameras.

I really like the look of Olympus' system and I think the design of their cameras is great! The cameras that catch my eye are the E-PL5 and the OM-D. In terms of lenses the M.ZUIKO 12-50 seems pretty attractive. The Olympus 40-150 also seems decent.

I do have a few questions about moving to a micro four thirds system.
1. Apart from the viewfinder what are the major drawbacks that these cameras have. I believe that shutter lag is pretty similar and the burst rate is much higher than my 550d's, is there anything else I should be aware of?
2. What is the EV-F really like, I don't think I could go back to composing on the screen so would have to go for the EV-F if I got the E-PL5.
3. How good are the lenses in terms of colour reproduction and sharpness? Will they be comparable in sharpness to the 50mm or the 70-200?
4. Primes seem pretty far and few between, is there a reason for this?
5. Are there any other brands I should consider? I'm not a fan of Panasonic's design and the EOS M's autofocus puts me off.

I mainly use my camera for landscape, street shooting and portraits. I also like to play around with my flashes but seeing as the Olympus' both have a hot shoe I should still be able to do this.

Any advice would really be appreciated.
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why not just get a super zoom lens for you canon, something like the tamron 18-270 or sigma 18-250. No backpack of gear to carry around.

Now back to the question you ask. I have a 500D, 60D and an EPL-1. The EPL-1 is my travel camera, because it is small, and match with the olympus 14-150 it covers my travel photography need. And it gives me good results close to my canons upto 800iso. The newer bodies can shoot at 1600iso without any issues. So if you want something much smaller for, the pens are a great way to go, and the 40-150 works well when pair with the 14-42. I went on a month long vacation in SE Asia, left the canon at home, and took only the olympus. And I am very happy with the results.

Also the m.zukios lenses are very good for what they are. And with corrections of m4/3 as they produce excellent photos.

The vf-2 is an excellent tool if you are more comfortable composing with a vf. And I would recommend the vf2 over the vf3. The vf2 has a much larger display.

There are a bunch of primes for m4/3 actually. You have a 12mm, 14mm, 17mm, 19mm, 30mm, 45mm, 60mm. Not sure if I missed any. But they are all pretty good af are 2.8 or better.
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Thanks for the reply. I really feel that the 550d's body is too big for my uses so I feel that a 18-200 would definitely be out of the question. I also feel that the image quality leave something to be desired.

I have been doing some sums and it seems that the om-d will work out cheeper as it already has a evf built in compared the the epl5.

The omd and the epl5 both seem to exceed my canons specs which certainly helps me justify it more.

I will try and pop down to park cameras and see if they suit my needs and whether theey feel good in the hands.
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The Canon 550D is a good camera and perhaps slight;y better than my T3i/600D. I like my T3i so much I use it more than my 5DMKII. I have a Sigma 18-250mm lens on my T3i and it works rather well when I take it to vacation. I mainly carry it in a Lowepro 50AW Holster case with a couple spare batteries and I am good to good.

The Tamron 18-270mm is a very good lens in its class and a little better than the Sigma, but cost a little more. Sigma now comes out with a new version of the 18-250mm macro. It is smaller and better in IQ. Currently, this lens is selling for $400 at BH and Adorama. Best Bang for the bucks.

Mirrorless camera is good and compact but they are not a DSLR. Switching system is costly. For street photography, nothing beats a superzoom on a DSLR as far as versatility is concerned.
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