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Default Need Suggestions for DSLR for Tabletop Macro project

I never knew there were so many DSLR camera until I started shopping for one. All I want to do is table top video with a manual focus macro lens, thatís all. Also, I found that these DSLR cameras are wayyyy to expensive for such a simple project as mine.

Anyway, Iíve looked for the cheapest DSLR cameras I could find with a macro lens. I was thinking maybe a Canon EOS Rebel T3 body with a EF 50mm f/2.5 Compact Macro or a EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM. I am assuming the Canon EOS Rebel T3 has a monitor outlet plug for viewing scene on a tv or monitor. I am also assuming both Macro lenses have a manual focus function. Does anyone here own these DSLR cameras or Macro lenses?

Any DSLR camera suggestions or macro lens suggestions would be helpful. Like I said above, I just want to do some table top video with a monitor or tv tether, and I want a macro lens with manual focus for close-up video.

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What are you planning to shoot...? The T3 has a mini HDMI output port for HDTV viewing and I believe the standard analogue type output (NTSC/PAL) is incorporated with the USB port- well it seems to be on the T2i and the T3i anyway..!
I'd suggest the 60mm lens was the better of the two...

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I would also look at some to the tamron and sigma macro lenses if you are trying to save some money. 3rd party lenses tend to be slightly cheaper.

Also the ef 50 2.5 does macro at 1:2 while the ef 60 2.8 does true 1:1 macro. Not many macro lens are cheaper then the 50 2.5. I had it, and it is a good little lens.
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Does the Canon T3 also have a build-in microphone or external microphone connector to record sound when making videos? I have also considered using a document camera with a flexible neck for close-up video. It looks like it might work.


I am making videos of small mechanical objects like cameras, watches, etc.

I am not sure what type of light one needs to make close-up video. It seems to me the lens may block the light.


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I'm actually quite happy with macro filters from Tamron. I got a set of 4, +1, +2, +4, +10 -- and they stack, for $10 shipped.

It's cheap too. You just screw them onto existing lenses.

They probably aren't as good as a dedicated macro lens, I agree, but they're very cost-effective and you might like the distortions for the artistic effect on the edges.
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