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Default Around $100 point and shoot

I and my two grandkids currently have two Canon SD1000 cameras. The cameras have done all of what we want, but now one is missing or misplaced (not mine BTW). So I'm ready to buy the grand kids (around 6 years average) a replacement. Since I'm generous, I'm going to give them my SD1000. But now what do I do?

I've been on Ebay. The SD1000 USED (7 MP, 3X zoom) goes for like $60-70. I can get a "new" Canon A3400 ((16 MP, 4X) from Amazon for around $70 and I can also get a "refurbished" Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ7 (14MP, 10X) for around $80. I really don't make much use of these special features, but I'm leaning towards the Lumix. We also all like video and can see the value of clips we make now in the future.

So, under $100, what small, pocket camera may let me look like I know what I'm doing? Thanks.
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G'day mate

So-called 'refurbished' cameras are often those returned to the store by a buyer simply as it didn't suit their hand/eye when holding it - and the 'refurbishing' is little more than cleaning eh finger-marks off it before reselling

If the Lumix grabs you - then grab it too :-)

Regards, Phil
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G'day to you fine sir,

Thank you. I very much appreciated your reply and went with the Lumix. While it's only been a week or so, I'm very impressed. It seems it has less photo options, but they are easier to follow. That could also be because I've now toyed with these little cameras for a while and getting used to learning a little.

My very novice thinking is, for just plain old quick pictures with a small, easy to carry camera, it is more a matter of knowing which camera NOT to buy as most of them will be quite as good as the next one. I am really enjoying the Panasonic Lumix and am a "happy camper." Your feedback was very much welcomed. Thanks...Al

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