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Default Nikon Range finder vs. Dslr

Dear all,

As of last night my faithful D40 has moved into the great beyond after seven years of constant and continual use. This summer I will be fortunate enough to go to India and like most days will have a camera by my side. Thus my dilemma do I replace my slr with another slr (interested in the d7000) or do I get one of the new fangled range finder Nikons (v1, j1, etc.). I'm leaning towards the slr but if someone could spell out what they would choose in simplest terms I'd be forever indebted. Despite my years I still get incredibly confused by all this techy-talk.


p.s. I'm an event photographer/sports photographer so I'd need a reliable camera that can be versatile in any environment (hiking, walking, portraits, etc).

To make it easier my current equipment:
D40 (r.i.p.)
18-105 mm Nikon Lens
55-200 mm Nikon Lens
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The D7000 has come out in a new incarnation as the D7100 and seems to be a good bet.
Good luck to your visit to India.
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It is not that the V2 is bad...it's grossly overpriced. I upgraded from a D40 to a D7000 with a D90 inbetween. Currently looking for my wife's birthday to upgrade her P&S. Whe wants small with viewfinder...with the viewfinder an absolute requirement. The two candidates have narrowed it down to are the Nikon V2, and the Sony NEX6. I'm leaning towards the Sony - but have til May to make the decision. Nikon's recent release of the Coolpix A was a major disappointment - no viewfinder and fixed focal length - when it otherwise has the specs to compete with the Sony.

Get the D7000 and you will thank yourself. The difference from the D40 is amazing. D7000 vs D7100? Yes, they do have me licking my chops. The good news is that the D7100 was introduced at the D7000 old pricepoint of $1199 for body only - and what I paid for mine. But they have dropped the price of the D7000 body only to $899.
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Interestingly, I regularly shoot fell running races- and I ditched my D5000 as the AF wasn't fast enough with the kit lens- whereas my little V1 certainly IS quick enough... and in that field alone, it's great.... as it is in general use all round...
However,in challenging lighting the D7000 will obviously outdo the V1 with regards IQ (even though the V1 does pretty well...)- and of course,you already have a couple of lenses for your next DSLR...
Add in a nice little prime lens to your kit and you've got many bases covered... especially if you plan to shoot portraits or such like,where the shallow DOF offered by the bigger sensor will help greatly....
If size/weight isn't an issue- or budget- then as much as I like my V1, the D7000 or such like would be the better option.
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