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Default Camera for India expedition

Should I get a d7000 or a v1 or j1? I'm semi-pro and have no experience with a range finder and the benefits of one. The camera I get would ultimately replace my slr of 8 years.
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G'day mate

For my money - neither
D7000 > big & beautiful, heavy, needs extra lenses = more heavy [remember you are a traveller: weight becomes important]

V1 etc > no viewfinder, hard to see back screen in sunlight,

For me as a traveller, I would go for the Panny FZ200 with its constant f2,8 zoom lens [dSLR equiv 16mm to 450] OR the canon equiv, SX40. Sensor etc is the same size as the V1 I believe,

Regards, Phil
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Much would be dependent on your chosen subject matter on your trip- and your level of expertise and expectations. The DSLR you already have... is it not adequate for what you want..? If not,would the lens/lenses be of use on a newer DSLR..?
The V1 wouldn't be a bad call if size is an issue- and the viewfinder you're used to is still there- albeit an electronic one (and a pretty decent one also,in my opinion...). The lenses are small,light and they focus quickly- and the 1" sensor delivers pretty good image quality.
Don't forget you'll need Nikon's "add on" flash for the V1... or if you don't mind losing the viewfinder (and a few other features of the V1) go with the J1 with it's built in flash...
The mere fact however that you mentioned a D7000 suggests size isn't an issue for you,in which case, you could do a heck of alot worse...!
Ozzie's suggestion of the FZ200 isn't a bad one- a reasonably lightweight and bijou "all in one" camera- the IQ won't quite match up to the D7000 or even the V1/J1- but it's versatility cannot be overlooked- and is arguably the best superzoom/bridge camera out there....
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If you do not mind size, d7000 match with a tamron 18-270 will actually cover allot of what you will need during the day, and get a fast short zoom or prime for the indoor or nighttime shots. Something like the AF-s 35mm 1.8 or a sig 17-50 2.8.

Now if size was an issue. J1 with the 10-100 would be a good travel lens for the daytime, then add 18.5 1.8 or the 10 2.8 for the night time low light stuff.

But you can do more with the D7000 and you have way more lens options
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I agree with "shoturtle", the Nikon D7000 would be a better choice due to the lens options. However, if video is an important factor, you may want to consider the Canon T4i. The Canon has better video capabilities over the Nikon but the Nikon has a slight advantage in overall still image quality.
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