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Default From Olympus Evolt 520 to mirrorless or better DSLR?

Eh, so like the Evolt 520 I already own. I kind of regret the purchase right now and wish I'd gotten a Canon or Nikon model instead. It was a good price, but the viewfinder is tiny and the focus searches too much. also, 4/3rds doesn't give the best low-light, though I manage.

So, is mirrorless like the pen series or a better DSLR from canon or nikon the way to go?

It seems to me that mirrorless relies more on digital functions than DSLR's. Or, mirrorless will just be as accurate since you're using digital electronics to focus either way, and a EVF gives you a more "pure" view of the focus.

The size difference does matter for while traveling, but mirrorless is still bulkier than like my cell phone's camera.

I dunno, thoughts on mirror less?
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The E520 was/is a nice camera, but like most electronics,things do move on... and the three point AF was a little prehistoric...!!
Low light/high iso performance has improved in DSLR's (including entry level models) and mirrorless systems- including the ones with a 4/3 sensor- and AF performance on mirrorless systems is also up to speed now... of course,all are not equal however...!!

If you shoot moving/fidgety subjects- the DSLR is the way to go- for uninterrupted "as you shoot" viewing. Many mirrorless cameras have the AF speed and the frame rate- but few have the uninterrupted view at their fastest capture rate- making tracking/following subjects tricky.

However- for all else,mirrorless may be perfectly fine for you.
I'd personally be looking for one that had most adjustments on the body (to avoid frequent menu visits), but that's just me....

The mirrorless group do have the "silent" advantage (no flapping mirror), which is great for quiet scenarios or candid shooting...
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Everything you dislike about your E520 is also true of mirrorless sytems.

If you're not happy with your E520, you won't be pleased with anything less than a dSLR.
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If travel is you primary motivation for having a good camera with size being the major consideration, the latest models (E-PL5 or E-M5)are a compelling option. But, should you decide to go into sports, wildlife or any type of photography involving fast action, you'll be unhappy. And, you won't save any money.

So you want to be a better photographer? Open your eyes and take a look at what is all around you.
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