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Default Camera with quick shutter speed?

Hi -- I'm a total amateur with no real camera skills -- I just want to take pictures of my family and not miss the shots due to digital camera shutter lag. I don't know how to manually focus, but I'm sure I could learn. Size isn't really an issue -- small would be handy, but I lug around all sorts of stuff anyway (mom with kids) -- so I wouldn't mind a clunky camera. We're planning a trip to Italy soon -- and I know my husband wants to get me an iPad -- but I'd rather have a good camera. (I'm trying to think of a price window -- I'd love it to be less than $500 -- way less if possible!) I can probably work around battery issues by bringing extras... I'm not that concerned with megapixels -- I'd like the option of enlarging a good shot, but mainly want a clear shot.

Am I better off getting a used camera with a good tuneup? I'd appreciate any and all advice! Thanks! Monica
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i had no shutter lag with the panasonic fz150, and it's a great camera although the size of a small dslr. i also have little to no shutter lag with my canon sx260 hs, and the panasonic fz20 wasn't great in low light, but it was a fast, snappy camera with lots of extra features, a very compact body and a nice long zoom. of the 3, the fz150 is the most versatile, imo. the catch is that it's a generation old, so is going up in price rather than down. right now, the current generation - the fz200 - is under $500 on amazon, and that's even better in lower light due to its constant f/2.8 lens!

i'd avoid used cameras - sometimes expensive things go wrong.
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Default Thanks!

Thank you very much for the information. Monica
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I have the FZ200 and also like it. If I wanted to save some money and didn't need the fast burst mode or the constant F/2.8 max aperture, I would consider the FZ60, also. If you want to really save money and are happy with good/ok and not just great picture quality, consider the Fuji F660exr, which is selling online at a number of places for less than $130. With a zoom range from 24-360, special low light and extended dynamic range modes at 8 megapixels, very fast focusing, and a panoramic mode, this camera is pretty versatile. You need to study the user's manual to make best use of it, but I think it's worth it.
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Monica, after reading the others' posts, I get the idea they're all Panasonic owners. The bridge cameras all have quicker focusing and shorter "lag" time when shooting. I have a Canon SX40HS, as well as a Sony DSLR and a bagful of lenses. I've had the DSLR since Oct 2008, just bought the Canon, and I hardly use the Sony anymore. That's how far the bridge cameras have come. The area in which the smaller sensor cameras don't do as well would be image quality at larger print sizes, and autofocus speed. The big gain is a compact, easy to carry, one-lens camera. Oh, and my canon, after exhaustive testing, gave good results indoors at 3200 iso. Unheard of a few years ago.

Note: 3200 usable, not what you want to use on a regular basis.
I bought my Canon from Walmart online for 346.00 US in February. That's after taxes.

Here it is at Walmart, still the same price.
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G'day Monica

I'd also suggest you look at any of the recent Panny or Canon or Fuji 'small' cameras
If I can also add to Robert [above] - yes the dSLR will be great, but by the time you put a half-decent zoom onto it you're reaching $1000 for the package

Regards, Phil
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