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Default Help Please with camera purchase!!!

Hi! I need a little help and I am a newbie here!

I am in no way a photographer. I am looking at purchasing a digital camera. I have three grandchildren under the age of 4 that I like to take photos of and I am going to Disney World in September and need to purchase a camera that has a decent zoom, moving subjects and decent inside and night photos. I do not want to pay more than $250.00 if possible but would consider a little more if the camera is worth it. I have tried searching on sites to try to get an idea but the more I look and read the more confused I get.

I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction onto which camera would be the best for me.

Thank you all!
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In effect- you're looking for a camera with a useful zoom range,with fast AF/snappy performance and one that performs well in low light- in essence,the ultimate all rounder...

Sadly,that camera has yet to be made

Your budget suggests a camera with a fixed lens- and if a decent zoom range is required,then a small sensor is also necessary- hindering low light use.
Such lenses don't have a fast/wide apertures- again hindering low light use- never mind slowing down the AF system.

Much depends of course on what you consider "decent" photo's.... but compromises will have to be made- and I'd suggest that be in the zoom range.... as that tends to compromise many of the things you require- like AF speed,optical quality and low light use...

The only "middle ground" camera I can think of that is moderately affordable is Nikon's P7700.
A fairly fast f/2-4 lens with useful 28-200mm zoom range. adequate AF speed and a large (for a compact) 1/1.7" sensor... but a bit over your budget...!

Ditch the zoom altogether and Panasonic's LX-7 would be a good option- though again over your budget...!!
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Look at this Kat http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/A630/A630A.HTM
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Kat check out the Canon A630 camera.
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hi if this is a once in a life time then i would look at upping your budget. i can only agree with simon on camera choice but would add the canon g15 which again is over budget but gives a f1.8 but only does 28-140
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you could maybe get a canon sx260 hs. while it does better in low light than some, you'll get the best out of it by learning to adjust shutter speed, ISO, etc, and in night pics, you might want to use the handheld night mode (or whatever it's called). whether the pics are up to your standards i couldn't say, but it's a good price and a decent camera with stabilization and a nice long zoom.

the lower light or higher ISO pics aren't going to be as good as a micro 4/3 or larger sensor camera, but on the other hand, it's a good camera if you're on a budget.

btw, here's a pic i shot with mine out of a moving car on the freeway
i actually shot several, and i think it focused pretty well.
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