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Default RX100, Canon S120, Canon G16, LX7

I'm trying to figure out which camera is best for our needs. I have tried to compare these camera's specs side by side, but because I don't know much about cams, it doesn't really help much. This will be a family camera and I have small kids. My issue with my past cameras (LX3, sx240) is either one doesn't have enough zoom, while the other doesn't take clear pics in low lights. By low lights I mostly mean indoors or in school programs where lighting isn't usually sufficient. Hence I was looking for an upgrade.

The RX100 seems to have always gotten good reviews as well as the LX7. I would probably pick the LX7 because I had a good experience with the LX3. However, it has the least zoom amongst the list. The RX100 is much more expensive though. The Canon S120 and the G16 seems to be new and both seems to be almost the same in specs. The differences I can see is the aperture and size. S120 has (F1.8-5.7) G16 has (F1.8-2.8). I was told the lower the number, the better. I'm also trying to figure out which has a faster speed on shot to shot time. I don't know which spec to look out for. I happens in my Canon Sx240. I click one shot, then it seems to process a few seconds before it can allow me to click another shot. By that tiime the moment is lost and this happens a lot during school programs. Hence this speed is important for me. What terms among the spec should I look into? Which camera has the fastest shot to shot speed? Is the S120 better than the LX7 in terms of image quality specially in low light?

Hope someone can enlighten me. Thanks.

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The RX100's larger sensor delivers very good IQ compared to its competitors- though it's slower aperture at the long end of the zoom negates this somewhat- in effect,all else being equal, you'd need to use a higher iso setting on the Sony compared to say the Canon G16 in a similar environment.
The S120 also has the hindrance of a slower aperture at the long end of the zoom (worse than the Sony...)- again, if you'll be using the zoom in low light, less than ideal.
For me it's a close call between the LX7 and the G16...
The LX7's a snappy performer with quick AF and shot to shot times- and whilst speed has never been a "G" strong suit, the G16 is VASTLY improved over previous models and is now brisk in its own right. It also has the longer zoom-which is "fast" throughout, letting plenty of light in.
The S120 is a fine little camera- but better than the LX7 in low light..? Not for me- as the faster f/1.4-2.3 lens is a BIG advantage- and the lens on the LX7 is very sharp indeed... check out the LX7 review on Steve's review pages and see the outdoor shots for examples of the lens's super sharpness.
Overall,for me- it's the very fast and sharp LX7 lens v the fast and longer reach of the G16.... and bear in mind that the G16 at 90mm (the long end of the LX7) will be faster than the f/2.8 at the 140mm end on the Canon- possibly f/2.3-2.5..?
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