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Default Which one to choose?

I have got 3 P&S cameras, 1-Canon G15,2-Fuji X10,3-Panasonic LX7 and want to see which one to keep.I use it for mostly Indoor and Some macro and Ebay posting shots.Any ideas will be appreciated on how to go about testing IQ, i know that obviously ergonomics is something i have to determine.
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well that's a tough call, in many ways it is going to come down to personal preference.

- All three have relatively fast lenses so they should all do equally well in low light (indoor).
- All three are more than adequate for Ebay posting shots
- The Panasonic LX7 is lacking a macro mode so I guess I would rule that one out

Which leaves you with the Fuji X10 or the Canon G15, both fairly evenly matched so I would say it comes down to personal preference.

Can you try the Fuji and the Canon and decide which you like better? I would just take them around and shoot the same things as close to the same time (to have same lighting) as possible and compare the output. Try some people, pets, small and large items see if you can set the camera on a tripod to minimize hand shake.

You can also compare sample images from two cameras side by side on DPReview and other sites like DXOMark. They will do a full on controlled environment test that will be more indicative of IQ than you can achieve.

Hope that helps.
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All three should suffice easily for what you want (the LX7 has a 1cm macro mode also).

I'd say you're very lucky to have all 3 of these "premium" compacts... can you not keep them all...?
If you plan to shoot at high iso settings, the Canon's sensor is one of the best in it's class- though if you drop the X10 to its 6mp low noise mode it looks pretty good.
The Panasonic's f/1.4 lens should negate the need to use high iso's often- and the lens is super sharp.

All said and done however, the differences in IQ will be quite small and I'd suggest trying them all, see which feels best to you with regards handling,using the menus etc...
Perhaps the viewfinder of the X10/G15 is significant to you...?
Maybe the manual zoom of the X10 will be key...?
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Yup, all 3 are great cameras, image quality is very similar. The best way to choose is to use each one for a day or so and then keep the one that felt most comfortable.

key features:
X10 - great optical viewfinder
G15 - larger zoom range
LX7 - best movie mode

If one of those things is most important then the choice should be a little easier.
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