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Default Backpacking Trip - Camera Options

So I'm taking a rather big adventure trip to New Zealand in a few months and I am REALLY struggling to decide on the right camera. I have done too much research - to the point that my head is spinning and I'm certain that whatever I choose, I will regret.

Some info about the trip:
  • 2+ weeks
  • Supported trek
  • Usually a 30L daypack to carry raingear, water, snacks etc.
  • A 4 day backpacking stretch with a 60L pack carrying food, gear, sleeping bag etc.
  • Varied climates, with much rain likely!
  • Sandy beach, kayak, cycling, hiking
So my big concern is weighing picture quality vs.size for ease carrying everywhere. Durability in the elements is the secondary consideration.

Right now, I have a Canon Rebel T1i with the standard EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens and an additional Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 IS II Telephoto Zoom. I also have an iPhone 5S. I have debated bringing one or the other, but worry that the Canon is too bulky to use.

So I read this article suggesting that I might be OK with my iPhone:

Then I considered some iPhone upgrades to alleviate my concerns. There seem to be a lot of 3rd party camera apps in iTunes. Any tips on the goto app??? There are also lens kits for the iPhone. These are a couple of the best:
But they are not weatherproof. I saw these that are weatherproof, but wonder if the optics are any improvement whatsoever.
I also considered what this site calls EVIL type cameras. There is a Canon that has a lens mount for my existing lenses, but this site didn't review it well. The Sony's seem to lead the way in this class.

So as you can see, I'm lost. I think my current ranking would be EVIL > weatherproof iPhone lens kit > non-weatherproof iPhone lens kit > my exisiting Canon DSLR > new DSLR

I would probably choose one of the weatherproof iPhone options if I knew my resulting photos would be great. However, I would only use those specifically on trips in the future. Maybe buying a new EVIL or even the newest Rebel EOS would be the most bang for my buck. If so, any tips to keep it safe on such an adventure?

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an old Leica + a couple rolls of tri x pan ?
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What about the Sigma 18 - 250 mm macro lens.
I have that lens and it is my lens that I take on my backpack trips. I like it because it can do great close up (not true macro, but very close ups) to telephoto in one lens.
I have the canon t2i and I use an OP Tech stabilization strap to carry my camera. I then have my filters and tripod on my backpack, this makes a quick access to the camera without having to fiddle with getting it out of a camera bag.

Most of the pictures on this link are taken with the sigma lens.

You could also purchase one of the many point and shoots that have a very large aperture. Canon has the s120 and the g16 right now, but neither have a large zoom.

If you take your dslr backpacking, I strongly recommend this strap to hold the camera to your body

If you are expecting rain then The Lowepro Top Loader pro 65aw camera bag has a rainfly on it. It is big enough for the camera and the lens with room for extra batteries and filters.
Lowepro also has a chest harness which will secure their to loader bags to you, but you look like a marsupial with the camera bag attached.

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