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Default Camera Camera problem: red/blue/purple noise in low light photos

Hello everybody!

I am now a proud owner of an HTC One and I absolutely love it.

Its an SH35BW903846 and, build quality wise, its almost perfect - 99% perfect. No gaps, no dents, not dead pixels, no light bleed and not even the pop/crackle. It's running the 1.29.401.16 software.

The only problem I have (I don't know yet if it is a problem), is with the camera in night time and very low light scenes.

My problem is that in night shots and very low light scenes, the camera turns the black into blue (or red in very very dark scenes). For example, I included some photos, on a dark street with only a few light posts it turns black areas into blurry blue. Yes, it lets in more light (and more natural looking light) than my old One X, but the black areas are blue.

Not to mention, some times it has trouble focusing so a few of the shots I attached were taken after 2-3 tries.

Even more, in very very dark scenarios - see the last picture - it turns the blackness into red.

Now, my questions:

Is this normal?
Has anyone else had this problem (is it a problem)?
Can someone post a night time picture taken with their one in similar scenario and without the "blue"?

I am a bit worried because if it is a flaw than i would have to return my almost perfect One...

If the information below or this thread have helped you in any way, hit the thanks button

UPDATED 13th of November: I took my phone into service again. This time they didn't replace my whole phone, but they did replace the camera module. They put in a camera from SHARP, sensor date 14 october 2013. The first tests I've done indicate that they've finally found a way/a sensor/a manufacturer to make the damned camera perform in low light like it supposed to... See a photo comparison of the new camera here.

UPDATED 14th of October: A comparison test after getting the 4.3 and Sense 5.5 Update: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...postcount=3099

UPDATED (2nd of October) - If you have the same problem, please fill in this Google form made by @gogogaga7 so we can have a centralized data base with information about the units that are flawed. The form is here: http://goo.gl/HmRJqC

UPDATED (5th of July) - I just got a replacement for my faulty unit and I just posted comparison photos in this post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...4&postcount=89

Advice: If your camera gives you similar results with blue/red/purple noise in low-light photos -> take it back to HTC or an operator or repair service for a replacement!

UPDATED with Poll (13th of August) - Seeing how many replies and page views this thread has gathered during these couple of months, how many of you said they experience this problem and how HTC has not publicly recognized it (either as software or hardware fault), I added a Poll to see indeed how many of us are having this problem. Please vote!

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G'day mate

Sometimes it's hard to determine whether it really is a camera 'problem' or just that the phone-camera is unable to do what you're actually trying to do

From my very small experience with my own samsung phone-camera, I wouldn't use it for anything more exciting than photographing my dog as it runs around the garden

Very few phone-cams seem to have anything like the image quality one gets from a regular digital camera
Has Lumix mirrorless & superzoom cameras and loves their amazing capabilities
Spends 8-9 months each year travelling Australia
Recent images at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ozzie_traveller/sets/
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The OP (now banned) is a professional spammer. Note the ****s in the link at the bottom of the post. The *****s you see are because of a filter I set up to prevent linking to a deals site that is being promoted.

Of course, the "Updated" portions of the post (even though it's brand new post) with multiple month names (when the supposed updates to the original post were made) is also a clue that it's just a "canned" spam post. ;-)

Spammers are embedding images of a hidden (only one pixel in size) .gif file that is hosted on a deals site, and I've banned a lot of new members in the past few weeks (hardly a day goes by without one or more new members promoting that same deals site) that included that type of link in their posts (hence, why I filtered out the main deal site address so that those types of hidden links would be visible instead of hidden due to the img tags around it).

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This particular post came from Indonesia (and the same IP address the post came from has already been reported for spam by other sites, too). But, I've also been seeing posts promoting this site coming from other countries.

Again, this deals site must have purchased a "Deluxe" plan from one of the Spam promoters (or SEO/Search Engine Optimization firms if you prefer, but I just call them unethical Spammers), as they appear to be sparing no effort to include as many links as possible to this deals site, using tricky techniques like embedding links to 1 pixel images that are not normally visible in posts.

Hopefully, their plan will "back fire" on them and teach them a lesson, where all links to this deals site will be filtered by most other sites, search engines, etc. before it's over with.
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I don't envy you JimC, I used to admin a VB forum and separating the genuine new members from the spammers or Bots can be a nightmare at times, most people that use forums don't know the half of it lol
keep up the good work
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