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There is no any best camera for photography. It depends on your skill or interest. In which field you want to do photography? If you're a beginner then it will be bad if you buy an expensive camera. "Camera doesn't picture make good, it depends how do you capture image and what's the reason behind it?
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Originally Posted by TCav View Post
If I were going to the Moon, I'd bring a Hasselblad.

If I were going to a baseball game, I'd probably bring something else.

Hi! I want to choose a good gift for my friend. She has exactly Hasselblad. But she wants to improve her photographer's skills. She likes to shoot landscapes mostly and she travels from time to time. Can you please recommend a camera for her?
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Off the top of my head, I'd say that any of the editions of Sony's RX100 would be a good choice.

BTW, you'd likely get a lot more replies to your inquiry by posting it in a new topic, instead of piggybacking on someone else's.
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The best camera? Easy. One that can read your mind and do as it's told.

More seriously, the best camera is one that has an instruction manual and controls that YOU can easily understand & use.

Far too many are are labyrinthine, convoluted, obscure and burdened with unneeded bells and whistles.

That's why point-and-shoots became so popular - and why they in turn are being superseded by the cameras in smartphones.
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Originally Posted by anshika0132 View Post
I want to know best camara for phtography.
There are many things which need to be elaborated to conclude which camera is best for you. So please what are the things which you need and expect from your camera so that precise solution can be provided.
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