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hello all,

I'm looking around for a new digital camera :-)(own a minolta dymage 2330 zoom but its tooslooooww and old:shockso i went to a few fotoshops to look at some models and brands.

2 models seems to do the job, i likethe casio ex-p600 and the sony v1.

But what's thebest camera for the money ??? the v1 is cheaper then the p600 but quallity counts this time.

and the casio is 6mp and the sony 5mp, the sony has that nightframing laser stuffthat sounds nice but the casio has a very fast shutter time.

who can give some good advice onthe 2 models (or other brands), i want to use the camera fora lot of things but i like to take it with me to a race track and make action shots.

so who can help me ??

greetzzzz Anco

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I have the exact same question, I really like the Casio, but Sony's nightframing made me doubt. I have a 3 year old Casio and overall I'm very happy with it. The only thing I don't like is the quality of inside and nightshots.

Should I wait for the Sony V2 (does anyone know if thats even coming) or buy the Casio this month?

Please help!

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I have a P600 but i'm very interesting to Sony V2... if it is best of V1 and i don't wait an year... when V2 is on market ? Where i find any information about it ?
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hmm... so what will it be? i'm also torn between these two models... my first choice is really a V1 but it seems that stocks are dwindling in stores. so my second choice is a P600. i both like their ergonomics, features, and they have their own edge against the other (quickness on the P600, the HAF on the V1).

anyone? comments? suggestions? etc...

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