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barkingdog wrote:
That's great advice. i love forums just for actual user experience. i realize that many issues may not be issues at all, but i look for patterns. the Soft focus issue with the W1 may be a pattern. it also may be a bit of group think. I mean soft focus is a tough thing to quantify. so, a few folks say they're getting soft images and suddenly you think your images are soft.
Yep. You "hit the nail on the head". This "group think" as you put it, happens often with a new camera model (especially one that's very popular). Soft images is one of the more common ones. Here's an example of how this kind of thing can get started:

One person complains that his camera has 200 hot pixels shooting at ISO 400 with the lens cap on, noise reduction off, and a 10 second exposure -- with "vertical noise" patterns. So, something must be wrong with the camera.

Then, more people try theirs. Then you'll see "my camera's gotthe problem, too". Next thing you know, 50 users have joined in the discussion, posting sample photos from their cameras, along with theories about what "the problem" is (internal shielding being inadequate to prevent interference to the CCD, heat buildup, etc.)

Then, these users (all convinced that their cameras are broken), start warning others to stay away from this model, and demanding that the manufacturer fix the design flaw.Next thing you know, this "problem" is quoted often, giving a model a bad reputation.

Well, how many photos are you going to take with the lens cap on? :-)

Sure, if you see a pattern of complaints with a model, itwarrants investigation. However, let your own eyes be the judge, looking at photos taken in same conditions, bymore than one camera, of the same subject -- before "jumping to conclusions".

Unless you compare models this way (same subjects in the same conditions), there is no way to say which model will peform better. Even then, the conditions the photos were taken in, may not be the conditions that you'll be using your camera in.

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I own a W1. It appears some of the cameras have had a focus problem. ). I returned mine and the new one is fine (BTW I was the only return they had experienced, so problem is not widespread. I like it a lot.

The advice on center point focus may be a good one. You can see the focus point selected in P or M mode, but not in Auto. The camera takes a little getting used to discover what creates substandard shots...and good ones.

Sonys can take add-on lenses and the big LCD I am finding is really great.
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Thanks. thats helpful. It was beginning to seem that perhaps some the focus problems being discussed were actually defects rather than design flaws. It probably dosn't matter, but what store and what region did you purchase it in?

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