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I'm by no means a pro... most of the pictures that we take are with our Olympus Stylus 80 35mm camera, generally of family events: our baby 'milestones,' older daughter's sporting events, family vacations, birthdays. For these purposes, the Stylus 80 has been a good tool because it's compact (fits in a diaper bag or purse), and can shoot action shots during a soccer game, and the quality of image is pretty good... from our point of view. The big downside of the Stylus line, for us, is that they last about 2yrs before some component breaks, and you have to buy a new camera. Not too painful at $150-200 a pop. Case in point is that our Stylus 80 is malfunctioning, and of course it'll cost more to fix thana new one.

We also shoot with an Olympus D510 digital camera. While this camera is great for the hubby's website, and cataloging moments in the family's history (just like the Stylus... we have been carrying both cameras around for the past couple of years), it's impossible to capture action events, such as the daughter's soccer goal, or that ballet jump... it's dog-slow... and from reading, I guess that's called 'Lag,' or the time it takes from when you push the 'shutter' to when the image is actually captured. I swear it's an entire second before you capture the image after you fire off the camera! That, and the 3x zoom (effectively something like a 100ish-mm lens?) is pitiful for trying to take a picture of something more than a few feet away. Being able to print out on the Canon i960 is one of the best features of having the digital camera, and the prints that it makes are perfect in 4x6 size for photo albums.

So, now that the Stylus 80 is 'tango-uniform,' we're talking about whether we can totally do away with the 35mm camera and put all our eggs in one basket and go digital. The husband is gung-ho over the Canon S1 IS, but my main concern is if it's going to be a slow camera. I mean, from the moment that I push the button, what kind of lag is it going to have before it actually takes the picture? With a 35mm camera, I can take that picture of my daughter, right when her foot connects with the soccer ball. With our current D150 digital, I'd miss that shot.

Bottom line: from people's experiences, do you think that I can get results similar to a compact 35mm camera in regards to speed of picture taking with a Canon S1 IS, or is the lag time something inherrent with all digital cameras? I think that 3.x mp is going to be plenty for the size of prints that we make. The DSLR cameras are sexy, but I'm not spending a grand on those, since I doubt we'll get the use out of that kind of investment.

Anxious to hear your comments,

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Some digital cameras are much faster than others in this respect (autofocus lag). If you check the review conclusion sections for the cameras you are considering, you'll usually find this information. In the case of the Canon S1 IS, the review says this:

"Shutter lag, the elapsed time between depressing the shutter and capturing an image, measured 2/10 second when pre-focused and 8/10 second including autofocus time"


Note that prefocus means a half press of the shutter button to focus the camera. This is the best technique for taking photos with many digital cameras. Aim at your subject, half press the shutter button to let it focus, wait for the ideal moment, then press the shutter button the rest of the way down.

As to whether or not you can live with the delay in this model, is up to you. It's autofocus lagappears to be virtually identical to your D510.

BTW, practice the above technique with your Olympus (half press of the shutter button to focus, then at the perfect moment, press it the rest of the way down). This is the my preferred method to usecamera's autofocus (film or digital).
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