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There is an ad in Time magazine for a Dazzling Digital Color, 6.0 mega pixels, camera for $299, had anyone heard of this camera or know anything about it? All I know is that Bell+Howell made movie cameras a long time ago. Appreciate any info.
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Well, on the surface, if your looking at the model BH725, it appears to be junk.

It's using a 3 Megapixel CMOS sensor. As a general rule, CMOS Sensors are usually of extremely poor quality (with some exceptions, like the CMOS sensors found in Digital SLR models). CMOS sensors are much less expensive to manufacturer, so you find them in very low end digicams.

In this Bell and Howell model, they are simply interpolating the 3 Megapixel Image to give you a 6 Megapixel Output. Basically, this means that they are adding pixels to the image that the sensor did not capture (by looking at the values of adjacent pixels). So, unless you read the fine print in the specs, you think you are buying a 6 Megapixel Camera.

In reality, you'd probably get dramatically better image quality from almost any 3 Megapixel model from a major manufacturer (Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus, Minolta, etc.). In fact, I'd go with a decent 2MP camera before I'd even think about buying one.

Digital Camera dealers don't even seem to carry it. I find it on web sites specializing in cheap electronics and gift items, selling for around $179.00 from some (which is still WAY too much for this type of camera IMO).

It also has no optical zoom (forget the 4x Digital Zoom, as this is only cropping the image, leaving the center portion to make it look like you used more optical zoom). As a result, you'll end up with far less real detail when you use it.

Do yourself a favor, check out the "Best Cameras" list on the main page of this site. You can do far better for the money.

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Just to clarify one major point, it's 6mp INTERPOLATED!!!

That means it creates a 6mp picture using a smaller image by adding information to the picture that wasn't actually captured by the camera.

Make sure you look at ACTUAL values, and don't get attracted by fancy numbers...look at the reviews at sites like Steve's where you can see sample images from each camera reviewed.
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I believe most Fuji cameras do this as well.
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