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Hello Steve et al,

I am new to posting but not new to Steve's DigiCams. I am an artist, finding new ways to create images with photoshop. I print large panoramic images and large macro images, some 24" x 36" and some panoramas are up to 8'. I create these images by combining many images into one seamless image. www.virtualphotorealism.com

My first camera was the Nikon 995, this year I moved up to the 5400, 6 mp camera. When researching the 995 Steve said (at the time it came out) "Nikon was the standard all other cameras try to measure up to".

I have been experimenting with low light imaging. I have been hoping I could be able to get better images with a lower ASA. The 995 had an 800 ASA setting. The 5400 has minimum 400 ASA and it can be pretty noisy, albeit better images than he 995.

The punch line...

The SLR cameras use the larger lenses and allow more light into the camera, correct? But they only make that kind of camera with the SLR viewfinder and no preview monitor. Is there a camera that is the size of the Nikon SLR camera that has a monitor instead of the SLR hardware?

I have been curious about the 8700, the reviews claim that the camera has a lot of noise unless you shoot at 50 ASA (acceptable at 100 ASA). Have the ditial cameras reached some sort of threshold? Too many pixels not enough CCD?

Reasons to not have SLR hardware...

1) It's loud. No stealth photography possibilities here.
2) Why have a mirror, It's digital the monitor will show you the shot.
3) Do you really like squinting in the viewfinder for every shot you have to take?
4) Freedom to hold the camera at an awkward angle to get the most amazing shots.

Wanted Digital camera that takes large lenses and has an articulated monitor (hold the SLR function).

Steve, Does such a camera exist?

Nikon are you listening?

Deb aka [email protected]

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