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Let me try this a different way. Anybody like the olympus 410? I need a compact camera for outdoor trips but also want a nice camera for taking day to day pictures indoors and outof my family and outdoor scenesetc... I am looking for a 4 mpx. around $300.00. I have little patience for gadgets but want a good quality camera. I am practically speaking a point and shoot guy but if need be, to getbetter quality pictures, I can and am willing to learn manual controls...Most of the sites I have been on put the canon A80 at the top of the list in the price range I am looking and theolympus 410 quite a bit lower. I don't have a dam clue andam running out of patience.....Come on all of you digital camera owners give me your opinion so I can at least narrow down the choices. I hate making the wrong decision.......
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I'll just address those two cameras.

The Stylus series are point and shoot water resistant cameras. There isn't a lot to learn except when to use the spot meter. You can do a lot with a spot meter actually. It is small enough to always have with you. I find you get more pictures with the camera in your pocket than with the better one sitting at home. Shutter lag is better than the A80 but shot-to-shot time isn't as good.

Steve has the A80 on his list of best cameras and Dave over at Imaging Resource has the A80 as a Dave's picks. Steve often recommends the A80 on the board. It is more camera to grow into if you really want to learn about manual modes and such. It probably takes slightly better pictures, but not something you would likely notice unless you wanted a large blowup for your wall – and maybe not even then.

Neither camera can make very good movies. I personally like always having a camera with me. I'll lower my standards a little for something I can easily carry. I have better cameras for when I want to get creative though.
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The Dimage G400 is also a great little camera with more going for it than just a P&S.
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KOT wrote:
give me your opinion so I can at least narrow down the choices.
You should listen to & read all the opinionated stuff here & elsewhere, but in the end visit a good dealer (one with lots of loyal repeat customers), get your hands on the cameras yourself, try lots of shots in and around the shop, inspectthe results on ther computer, and form your own opinions, which are as good as anyone else's. This costs you & them nothing but the time you take.

I am fortunate in having a wonderful dealer nearby in the UK (http://www.wrexcam.com) in a seriously deprived part of the country, wherevalue for money is everything. They sell only the cameras they have tried & tested themselves, and have a file of enlargements taken with all the cameras they sell.They try really hard because they want the customers to come back. I suggest you try and find your nearest equivalent to them, if at all possible.

You could do worse than read Wrexham Cameras' shortlist, and try to find an equivalent model from someone near to you (you don't say where you are). All these guys are good friends of mine over many years of photography, and know their stuff. I don't always agree with them, but I always start with their recommendations. The Celtic fringe of the UK is well known for plain speaking.

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ya know, when I got my first digital camera, a canon A10 1.3 mega pixel, I had not really found many sites online that helped much. The dealer sites only pushed their own brands and were of no help at all really. They all think their product is best. So what I did was pick a well known brand and just purchased the camera I liked the look and feel of. It was a good choice as a first digital camera. My second was a G3. However this time I had done some research having found this forum and a few others and also word of mouth around town.

I recently went to the Canon Drebel after more research and questions on steves digicams. Bottom line is YOU have to bite the bullet and just go out and get a camera. there is only so much anyone can advise you on and even your local dealers often have a deal going with different brands of camera (for instance, one of our local shops is really pushing the new Fugi digitals, nothing wrong with that but they will be biased towards getting someone to buy one.) I would just read the reviews, pick one you like the look of and go for it.
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I have the Canon A75 and I'm very satisfied, it's only 3.2 Mpx but for A4 print there are no difference with 4 Mpx.. to have an idea of what you can do with it look at www.zoodany.it all the photos are taken with the A75..



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