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doese any one think it a good investment tobuy now ie a canon a80 so cheap because its soon to be replaced by the 5mp a95 allready advertised , and then keeping it for a few years still unopened and selling it say on ebay there must be a demand for classic cameras like this brand new a few years down the road ie the a95 might not cut it same as th canon a3 is more wanted now if you could find a new one than the soon to be replaced canon a5 . ditto the old olympus 3040 best low light camera but i cant find one of those what other cameras are so good people will buy one in a few years ! seems there is a market there and a need for brand new older model cameras. 1
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Some people are cheap, so they buy the older cameras...but for a camera as an investment??? It's like trying to sell a 386 computer today...it's a doorstop.

New cameras are coming out like a flood with new models every few months...my Olympus C-700 which sold for $900 was being sold direct from Olympus (refurbished) for under $250...not much of an investment unless you want to lose money.

And suppose that camera you buy new has a defect, or goes defective while in storage...if you keep it beyond the warranty period it's not worth the cost of getting it fixed. If you never opened the box you'd never know. And camera manufacturers phase out the cameras they service, a couple of years after its production run you can't get it fixed...if you sold it in a few years it might already be a dead-end product.

There were some cameras that held their value, like the Olympus C-2100UZ, but only because there were only a few image stabilized cameras on the market at the time...now there's quite a few of them and the C-2100 will be losing value because no one wants an old 2mp camera when you can get a new 5mp IS camera.
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I wish I had bought the full-frame Contax DSLR while it was out...they only made it for a short time. That & about 4 Contax lenses would be a good thing. If you are interested in seeing what it can do, take a look at:
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