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I've been doing some research on digital cameras and got really excited when I saw the FZ20 for the first time. I like the specs a lot. I am looking fora camera that will last for a while (>5 years) but don't want to blow the bank, my ship hasn't quite come in, although I can see iton the horizon! Also, I'm going to use the camera for taking pictures (you don't say) and printing them out, at about 10cm X 15cm, and blow up the odd picture to 20cm X 30cm. The 12X zoom isalso a feature I don't want to lose. First of all, is the FZ20 the right camera? And what other cameras are possibilities?

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I am afraid it may be too early to get decisive responses on the FZ-20 since it is relatively fresh on the market. What you should do in trying to asses how FZ-20 would fit your needs/ likes is to look at what FZ-10 can do. FZ-10 is a very close "brother".

There is a whole section of Panasonic users in the forums - there you can read about user opinions on FZ-10. I have one of these and I am very happy with it. In general I think mopjority of posts boil down to: great zoom, good macro, great colors, noise under control and features that if you want will enable you to do some serious photos. Some people complain about a dim EVF in low light conditions - it is a feature that some see as a problem some as a good thing. Do your reading then and if possible do some sample shots in the shop and take them to be developed somewhere.

Good luck
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