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I am investing in a 10-12X Zoom camera and have done alot of research on this site and others.

From what I can understand and see there is nothing between the Panasonic FZ10 and the Olympus C-770. I like the image stabliser and the Leica Lens in the Panasonic and obviously the 12X Zoom. Also it maintains a 2.8F throughout the entire range. However it is a big camera that does have some features that I may never use and there is no 3 Megapixel setting.

The Olympus still takes excellent photos is excellent size wise but has no stabliser.

The camera is to be use to take photos of anything and everything and will be taken away on trips etc.

If anyone can provide some sound judgement on which is best and why I would be very grateful. Price-wise here in NZ, the Panasonic would be the best deal by around $100.
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Wait for the Panasonic FZ20

Be sure to buy with a trial period.

If you don't like it, return and buy a cheap FZ10 which should decrease in price once FZ20 is out.

Image Stabilization is a huge, great feature.

The only thing I dont like about Panasonic is they insist upon SD media only, not compact flash.

Good luck
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Stabilization makes a big difference in a long zoom. It is nice for available light at wider angles as well. The FZ10 is almost an f stop faster than the 770 at full zoom. Stabilization is worth at least 2 f-stops. Minolta claims 3 f-stops for their stabilization and tests show the FZ10 stabilization being as good. 3 f-stops might be optimistic. Conservatively the FZ10 will shoot in 1/8 the light and give equivalent sharpness. Stabilization doesn't eliminate a tripod, but it lets you shoot without one in a lot more situations.

Not sure why you want a 3Mp setting. If you want to cram more pictures on a small card you are better to go down a notch in quality rather than reduce the pixels IMO. You don't go to 3Mp noise levels – you just drop some pixels. If you want a 3Mp camera look at the Canon S1.

The FZ10 isn't that feature rich. It has a thread in the lens shade that lets you use filters, but that is something you might change your mind about if you consider that a feature you aren't interested in. The lens shade isn't great, but it is a lot better than the 770 with the glass out in the sun. You don't have the filter option in the Oly unless you buy an adapter.

The flash is poor on the FZ10. An inexpensive automatic external flash can improve you pictures with any camera. But if you intend sticking with the built-in flash the 770 flash is much better.

The burst mode on the FZ10 is excellent. You can shoot 5 shots in 1.2 seconds and shoot another burst almost immediately. I keep mine in fast 3 burst all the time and turn it off when I am composing a shot, using flash etc. The second or third shot is often the best in a dynamic situation.

I like the FZ10 fine for what I use it for. I have other cameras, so I don't usually have problems with the lack of a focus assist and darkening screen. I did put a LED light on mine that eliminated any focus problems, but the FZ20 has one built in. You might wait for a review of the FZ20.

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Thanks for the comments, couple of last questions:

1. What are the major faults or defencies with the FZ10. That is things that I am likely to really notice?

2. What are its best features, perhaps the ones that the Olympus doesn't have.

The other option I have is to save around $200 and buy the Olympus C-765.

This is a great site to learn on, thanks to those who provide and contribute....

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Go to http://www.dpreview.com/andhold the mouse overBuying Guide and click on Side-by-side. Then choose the two (or more) cameras to compare.

I hope it helps you. Personally, I would wait till the FZ-20 comes out and buy that. That's what I'm doing.

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Well everyone I made a choice and it was the Olympus C-770 for the following reasons:

1. It's size, I am sure I will take it more places.

2. Excellent Photo quality and has all the features I will use at the moment. I am only a simple minded person when it comes to Photos, just point and shoot more than anything so I can learn more and grown into the features a little. Therefore the Panasonic has many features that I will simply not use.

3. It was just $100 more than the 765 and I got a 128MB Card, rather than a 16MB Card. It was also $100 cheaper than the Panasonic. So overall, price was right.

I really think there were good points and bad of both cameras (FZ10 and C770). If you are like me and don't have a digital zoom camera you could not go wrong with the 770. I am a little disappointed in not having an Image Stabliser, however you cannot get everything just yet!

If I really get into this whole photography thing I will look at buying a bigger, better camera at that point, (like the Panasonic FZ20, that is not in NZ for a few months) and probably keeping the 770 as a good compact alternative.

I will post some feedback in a while, when I have had time to see if it simply takes excellent photos!
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