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Steven R wrote:
I don't think you can beat the Olympus C770 for the right combination of MPEG-4 movies, full frame w/sound, plus a great 10x optical lens, with 4MP, great still photos, and a small size.
maybe, but that camera has proprietary battery and uses xd cards (very expensive).
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Meldias, The Minolta Z2 also does a good job. A little bulky, to be sure, but it uses AA batteries and now that 2 gb sd cards have come out- can do 30 minutes straight video at 640X480 30 FPS. It only has 10X zoom, but that is plenty enough for me. The only weakness is no image stabilization, but i have a steady hand and there is also software you can utilize to correct any video shake (although this has not been a problem). It also takes great pictures! i highly reccomend it.:-)
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Hello, I've been reading thru this column, and I'm looking fora camera that takes good still pictures plusdecent videos too.Prefer one with LCD 2.5" min. Thinking of getting either Sony DSC W-5 orSony T7 or Nikon S1 or Casio Exilim EX-Z750.Drawback with Sony is expensive memory sticks. Any one with ideas which is a better camera and howlong time limit for movies with 1GB memory. Thanks for replies and advice offered.
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bebe wrote:
Any one with ideas which is a better camera and how long time limit for movies with 1GB memory. Thanks for replies and advice offered.
My Exilim EX-Z750 allows a video of 4:12 on a 128mb card so it should give just over 33 minutes on a 1gb.
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alexzkhy wrote:
On the camera aspect the A200 is great. But on the video dept. data rate is almost the same as the Nikon 3700 which is, IMHO, lesser in quality than the Canons, SD-200..300..500 and S1.
I'm using IXY-50(SD-300), very satisfied with the video quality, higher data rate using MJPEG codec. Very easy to process using VirtualDub coz all frames are key frames. Only downside is... you really need a high capacity SD card to record just a few minutes of quality video. Well.... there is always a trade if you want quality. Anyhow it really comes very handy to take a snapshot or a minute of quality clips during those memorable moments
I have to agree concerning the Canon digicams. My SD200 produces a higher video quality than the Fuji E550. It takes 1.8 MB/s for MJPEG while the Fuji camera produces MJPEG at half the data rata - with clearly visible compression borders. And it IS the perfect file format for editing just as you said because you have nothing but keyframes. I've watched a sample video of the Sanyo Xacti C4 posted on these forums and I find the quality rather disappointing. Besides because of the practicability I don't really want to have any other format than MJPEG.

So what?

a) If you have a lot of money, buy the JVC Everio. High quality but you still need to re-encode the MPEG2 to MJPEG if you want to do comfortable editing.

b) Some recent Canon digicams offer pretty good video quality and use MJPEG! Sadly no CF/Microdrive slots for the less expensive models. And even those which have it can't store any more than 35 minutes into 4 GB. So have fun buying 4 microdrives at $160 each for a two hour recording.

c) The Sanyo Xacti series, the Panasonic model and the new Samsung Miniket seem to provide fair but not really good quality. Admittedly, I've just seen the one sample video of the C4 and read one very negative review of the Miniket.

Let's face it, the whole market is f***ed up. The situation hasn't changed for years. I fail to understand why they don't simply put a 20 Gig 2,5" HDD into a camcorder (with a small cushion around it against shock). That would make it approx. 1,5 cm thicker but hey I'm not talking about an ultra thin digicam here. If the hard disc failed it could simply be replaced by another $50 model and you would be more cautious next time.

But no... the mess is going on.

And don't even get me started on tape camcorders, hour-taking tape-to-harddisc transfer and pixel errors if the tape is too old (sometimes even brand new tapes are crap).
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Canon has today announced the successor to the S1 IS, the all-new 12x optical zoom five megapixel PowerShot S2 IS..
Just like the S1 IS the S2 IS utilizes a small USM (ultrasonic motor) to drive its zoom (multi-speed and quiet for shooting movies). Changes compared to the S1 include a body redesign, five megapixel CCD, a bigger zoom lens, DIGIC II, faster continuous shooting, night display function, stereo audio recording and a larger LCD monitor.

download sample photos and movie from canon website :


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hti982003, I was excited too until I read the specs. I do not like the 1GB limit on videos. With new 2 GB SD cards out (the S2 IS now takes SD cards- an improvement given their more universal nature) and bigger ones expected- a 1 Gb limit is puny. Until I see something better in the videocam zoom market- I'll stick with the Minolta Z series- with no limit on the size of the video card (Z1, Z2, Z3, Z5) :-)
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hi!...I'm going to Japan and was thinking about buying the Xacti C5 while i'm there...just wondering if you have changed your opinion about your c5, or are you still really disappointed with it??....I really wanna get one of these small video/still cam pocket size hybrids...this one and the Panasonic AV-100 look like the 2 best options i think....I'd appreciate your input!

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First: Great thread, Beverly W!!

Second: I am (almost) desperate.

For the last three to four weeks I am looking for a digital camera and can't decide on one. I lookedthrough different internet sites, looked through magazines, went to shops. But everytime, I think I found a/the right one, I find another (better) one or I find a problem with the one selected.

So, I beg you: Please, help!!

Ok, here is what I am looking for:

- small (pocket-size), but not too small (Canon Ixus 40 is too small)

- I want to be able to make larger printouts (12*8 inches is a must, 16*12 inches would be nice)

- optical zoom 3x or better

- I would like to be able to make small videos (e.g. of a landscape); I think for that, 640*480 with 30fps is minimum

- optical viewfinder heavily prefered; LCD screen should have at least 1,8'

- I would like to be able to have some manual control.

- I prefer standard batteries, but that is not a must

- not more than 300 Euro (around US$360; I am willing to add some money for additional memory and batteries)

I nailed it down to the following cameras with the following cons to each other (cons from my point of view, of course; good point - verynegative point)

- Fuji FinePix E550: 6MP, fast; cons: a little bit big compared to Nikon; xd card; I was told that the photos could be a little bit violet in the corners

- Nikon Coolpix 5900: 5MP, perfect size(!); cons: proprietary battery; smaller LCD screen; start-up slow compared to Fuji; 'no' manual control as far as I understood

- Samsung Digimax A6: 6MP; 100 Euro cheaper than the other two; cons: a little bit big compared to Nikon, In my eyes ugly (at least from the pictures).

I am open to other suggestions, however, I would prefer, if someone can tell me which of the above three I should buy. I have only one week left to decide and buy!

BTW: For the various reasons, I ruled out the following cameras:

Powershot S70, Ixus 700, FinePix 450, all Pentax (bad video quality), Nikon Coolpix 5200/5600/7900.



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Those new kodaks may answer your question about good 640x480 movies, both of those models have 30fps too. The comment also mentions that the zoom can be used during recording which is a bonus.

The V550 would maybe be the better option because it has an optical viewfiner (the V530 does not) but the LCD screen has a huge 230K pixels (2.5 inch) so they will be much easier to view in daylight!! That sort of res puts Casio to shame. I think that looks like a nice little camera, Kodak's take nice pics, not sure if thats what your after but seems to fit your requirements, although the price is quoted as around $400, but that willsurely come down. Says it will be released in June/July so maybe we'll hav to wait for a review huh

Hope it helps your search!!
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