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I currently have a Minolta Dimage 5 that I have really enjoyed using, but I think it is time to upgrade. Most of the pictures I take are of my kids, and as they are getting older, they are becoming more active and getting a good, focused shot with my current camera is getting more difficult.

I've been reading various reviews and have narrowed my choice down to a couple of options. I thought I would throw them out and get thoughts and experiences of any of these for someone who will primarily be using the camera for taking pictures of kids. My children are 1, 2, and 4, if that helps any.

The camera's I am looking at are:

Minolta A2, Canon 300D, and Nikon D70.

My budget will be about 2,000, I do not currently own any Nikon or Canon glass, so that's not a factor in the decision.

I think I understand most of the pro's and con's of the DSLR vs. the Prosumer camera's (with the exception of sensor cleaning, I am not sure how much of a problem that will be), I'm just curious on how others have found they are impacted by the various factors in shooting kids.

Thanks for all your help, this is a much friendlier place than the "other" forum I have been reading :-)

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If I were you I would decide between Canon 300D and Nikon D70.

if you can afford Nikon D70 is a realy nice camera. Shure, Canon 300D is good too.

All depends realy how much you want to spend.

Both of them are dSLR, I don't think I have to write anything about them. Both are excellent entry level dSLRs.

Good luck...

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