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I have been thinking about getting a SLR camera. I can't afford a digital SLR camera yet, so I am thinking about just buying a film SLR camera, and then once I have enough money I can buy a digital camera body and use the lenses I already have from the film SLR camera for the digital. I was looking at the Nikon N80. When I go to have my film developed I want to have a photo CD made and the negetives made, but I dont want the prints made. Is there a way I can have that done? For example when you have slides developed do they make prints as well? I want to spend the least amount of money on developing film by just having a photo CD, and negatives made.
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I don't think you can get a photCD with slide film However The good news is that there are labs which will develop your film and make you a photoCD without making prints. It would be a good idea to check carefully in your area to see what different labs offer (even WalMart can deliver decent negatives, especially if you get to know the staff and find out when they change their chemicals).

Stick with Canon or Nikon cameras because they currently have the best choices in digital bodies for a future upgrade. (Pentax currently only has one and Konica Minolta is not on the market yet.)

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When slide film is developed it is either mounted or unmounted (cheaper)but never printed unless you ask for prints (not cheap and not very good quality usually). Some labs will scan slides (mounted or unmounted) and so you can convert them to digital that way.

You can probably get negatives scanned as a positive image without printing, but i've not seen it (or looked for it).

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