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I've been thinking to get a digital camera for the past few years now. But I never really had a job and couldn't afford one. Now I can and I can't decide which one I want! Doh!

For the past few months, I've been looking at Casio Exilims so I'm kinda biased towards them. Love them for their size and many features. But I heard that they're disappointing when it comes to picture quality. Something about how the pictures are never crisp and sharp.I also heard that their flashes are not strong so low lighting pictures must always be close range. The casio has a long lasting battery and a nice dock to go with it.

I then thought about Canon's S500. Good quality but it's soo bulky compared to the casio.. I am searching for a small capable camera that takes good pictures... The canon's size and miniature lcd just didn't cut it for me. But i still keep it as an option in case the casio and the nikon don't work out.

I just went to see the Nikon 5200 yesterday. It's compact and its got one more megapixel than the casio. I actually think its very close in size to the casio.But I feel that it's oddly shaped. It's also got a stronger flash giving more range in low lighting. And its a wee bit more expensive than the exilim. However.. it has slightly less features. But after chatting around with friends and reading reviews, I heard that it's battery is not as long lasting as the z40's. Plus it doesnt have a dock or ac adapter. Only a battery charger. It does have a AV out/usb port whereas the casio doesnt. But it also has a much much clearer lcd... However... I've heard thru a few forums that the Nikon has some problems with flesh tones... Things that are red might change cuz the Nikon views it as red eye? Or that people are slightly pinker than others?

See my problem? I just Cant decide by myself! :?Help me!
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