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Fuji's marketing practices can be a little confusing. To be fair, some of their models using 3MP CCD's with 6MP Interpolated output did test a little better on resolution charts, compared to models with standard 3MP CCD's.

Fuji's "Super CCD" designs use a different pixel layout that is designed towork better using interpolation. The older Fuji S-602 Zoom is an example of a 3MP model that resolved about as much detail as a 4MP model, when used it's 6MP Interpolated Output mode.

However, the S5000 does not share this trait. It resolves no more detail on a resolution chart in it's 6MP interpolated output mode, compared to other 3MP models with similar lens sharpness and image processing.

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Well' it doesn't take much to confuse me....:?

So at this point I'm still looking at the same options plus the S5000:

Canon S1 IS (on sale),Z10, S3100, or S5000.

It seems to me that all of these cams have really good image quality. So here's how I see it:

The S1 IS has lots of features (ext zoom, IS, movie w/audio) but is expensive for a 3MP ($329)

The Z10 has less features (no sound, or IS) but is fast with manual controls I can grow into and is much less expensive($265)

The S3100 has very few manual controls but is 4MP with 6X zoom for a surpringly low price ($230)

The S5000 has the manual controls andthe 10X zoom but no IS andis still a 3MP Cam ($299)

Am I in the ballpark here, or completely lost?
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