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Hey guys,

I was looking at buying the Optio S40 but it doesnt seem to have a great rep around here? How come? I just want a smallish camera to take pics of friends and stuff on vacation. The main thing appealing is its sleek sexy look.

Also whats the diff between S40 and S4i? I think I prefer the physical dial on the S40
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I have exactly the same problem - I have a very limited budget and I thought the Optio S40 looked like a great camera for the price (I found it on Amazon for £159!).

I read some decent(ish) reviews in magazines and they were basing their scores on a retail price of £249, so I figured this could be bargain of the century. However, the blurry edges on the sample images have really thrown a spanner in the works.

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Hi! I got the new version of the optio s4i and the picture are not bad at all... You would have to present them to a jury to tell that they could be better, so as far as I know, I am satisfied... Again, it is just to carry in your shirt pocket and always have with you, but there are no additional lenses, teleconverters etc. asvailable for it...

What you describe your needs for it it should be perfect.... If you wait a little you can get the NEW optio s5i for a little more $$ !! if the $$ is an issue, get the s4I, Even Steve here says it is not bad at all and listed it on the recommended BEST CAMERA listing.... GOOD LUCK !!!
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The S4i is a smaller, lighter camera with a larger LCD. Since you have to make all of the settings in the LCD it is a matter of how good your near vision is whether the larger LCD has much value. The S40 requires you to buy a battery charger and NiMH batteries where the S4i comes with a rechargeable lithium battery and charging stand. The stand also allows you to download the images.

Two replacements for the S4i will be available next month. The price will likely drop along with a rebate if they follow the S4/S4i pattern. You might be able to get a S4i for not much more than a S40 plus batteries and charger come October.

The edge softness is a manufacturing fault that can affect any of the cameras with that lens system. Steve got a bad S4i and the replacement was OK. Make sure to buy either from someone with a good return policy. Only a small percent have the problem, but you want to be able to swap it out if yours has it.

I agree that a mode dial is superior to accessing everything through the menu, but there isn't anything on the dial I use that much – I have a S4. If they had a custom mode, manual mode or even a panorama mode that locked the exposure I would much prefer a dial. Voice recording would be nice on a mode dial as would movies if you take movies. Some of the modes on the dial require you to then sort through a menu anyway. I bought the camera because it is small and easy to carry, and I wouldn't want to increase the weight and size plus get a smaller LCD just to get a mode dial.

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