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Looking to buy my first digicam here in Switzerland, preferably under US$300/€230 though if I was to find ‘perfection' I might pay more. (Purchasing it off the internet isn't really an option at present). Here are some of my options:

Panasonic Lumix FX1 (US$260/€220), 3 megapixels (sufficient since I don't intent to make large prints), equipped with a Leica lens and apparently has unique image stabilisation. However, I can't seem to find any comprehensive reviews anywhere on the net which leaves me a little weary.

Konica Minolta G600 (US$390/€315), 6 megapixels, fast start-up time and very quick zoom but apparently takes relatively poor nightshots.

Konica Minolta G400 (US240/€195).. some people seem to say it is preferable over the G600 if you don't need the 6 megapixels to make large prints.

Canon Powershot A75 (US$280/€229), seems to get excellent reviews but what I can't seem to figure is if it is much better than the Lumix FX1 (which is smaller and handier to carry around).

Olympis C-740 (US$360/€299), the zoom seems to be a big benefit.

Sony DSC-C73 (US$315/€260), not crazy about it using memory but it seems to get a good review. I wonder if it is superior to the A75 amd Lumix Fx1.

So what would everyone here suggest? Thanks for anyhelp and replies.

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A couple points on your post. The Panasonic FZ1 is a 2 megapixel camera, not 3 megapixel. Don't let that take it out of your consideration, however. That lens is really fast, keeping its max aperture of f2.8 all the way up to its full 12x zoom. Many people have reported excellent enlargements up to 4 x 6 inches and even up to 8 x 10.

You can read reviews of this camera on stevesdigicams.com and at megapixel.net. Good luck in your search.

Edited at 10:45 on September 8.

Sorry, I just noted that you posted a Panasonic "FX1", which I read as "FZ1". That makes the rest of my remarks meaningless. Sorry about the confusion.

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