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I am brand new to digital cameras and do not do alot of photography. That is about to change. I do not know alot about these cameras and have done alot of research on the topic but still unsure of what camera to get. I want a camera that I can use now and still have a looong future with,(this will probably be my only purchase of a camera for a long time) so I want a good camera that has the features I can grow into. I plan on spending around 500-600$ on it. In your opinions what would be the best bang for the buck?? your opinions are greatly appreciated. While I have been looking for sometime I just don't want to spend that kind of cash on something I know very little about. I Really don't know alot of people that know alot on this subject, thats how I ended up here. Most people I know just go out and buy a simple point and shoot camera. I want that capability but also want alot more features that I can grow into..(sorry to repeat myself)

Any help is appreciated.


ps. cameras of interest

nikon coolpix 8700, olympus c-765,c-750,Canon EOS digital rebel..

but very open to others
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I am definately one of those that goes out and just buyspoint and shoot cameras and not realizing what I am looking for. I realized after my 3rd camera that I really need to sit down and figure out what I really want in a camera and what types of pictures will I be shooting. I currently own 2 Casio's, the Olympus z3040, Nikon 5700, and now the Panasonic FZ20. In honesty, I prefer using the Panasonic the most. It has a 38-432mm lense with Image Stabilization. IS makes a big difference esp when you are using telephoto. The image quality is great and much crisper than any other camera when I am not using a tripod. The Nikon, however, has amzing color quality but no IS so unless I have a tripod, my pictures are not as sharp as the Panasonic esp when in full zoom. I like to take nature photos and sports so a big lense is definately needed. I would definately figure out what type of photography you will be doing and work your way from there. If it's sports, you need a good lense and a camera that is fast. My Nikon takes amzing landscape photos, but it's definately not a very good sports camera, whereas, the Panasonic is very fast and can capture those action shots. I enjoy my Olympus, but it just does not compare to my Nikon or Panasonic. Hope this can be of some help.
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I would look at the Minolta A1 too. It's probably the most advanced digicam you can get without going with a DSLR.
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If 3 MP are enough for you (and that's mostly the case), look at the FZ3 review by dpreview.

It's light-weight compared to the FZ20 and much smaller!

And: you got enough dough to buy you a bigger SD card and a second Li-Ion battery - and what about a nice book on photography?
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Why not check out the Kyocera M410R. Go to the Kyocera forum for more info
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I thought I would like to go with a little higher megapixl camera 5-6...
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