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xmustangmaniacx Sep 16, 2004 2:31 PM

Hi, First I'd like to commend you all on these forums. I've been doing some research now for about a month and so far this site and its forums have been by far the most helpful.Like many of you I am looking for a fairly decent all in onestill/video digi cam. Here is what I started out looking for: At least 3 mega pixel Stills, the ability to take 640x480 video @ 30fps w/ sound, 10x optical zoom and a price range somewhere around $400 (I can compromise slightly on the zoom & price if i have to). I realize that there is no perfect camera and especially no perfect all-in-one but here's what I've narrowed my search down to, unless one of you add another model to my quarrel :)

Pentax Optio MX: I like the over all compactness of this model, the placement of the microphone andthe convenient location of the shutter & movie button on the hand grip. Also correct me if I am wrong but it seems this is able to store more video @ highest quality compared to most others. I am a little worried about stories I've heard with shutter lag, image quality, and low light conditions.

Canon S1 IS: I like the IS feature, cheap CF storage, image quality, and both an optical viewfinder and LCD. I don't like its small video storage capacity @ highest quality 30fps, LCD could be bigger and camera is slightly less compact but I'm just getting picky now.

Minolta Dimage Z1/Z2: I like the shape (for some reason), its image storage capcity seems about in the middle of the Pentax and Canon, optical viewfinder and LCD, image quality. I don't like the horror stories I've heard about switching between the veiwfinder and LCD. I know I'm getting picky again but I'd rather have a sperate button for movie mode instead of using a dial to switch to it.

Sorry for the lengthy post but I really need some help on deciding which one of these to buy. Please feel free to correct me, question me, etc. Also if you think a different model would work better for me let me know and although I'm not the most patient if you know of one thats going to be out soon thats better please let me know. Thanks Jon

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