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I think i've narrowed it down some, and these are the cameras im looking at:

Minolta A2, I really like the shape and the SLR like features. Manual zoom ring on the lens and the manual focus ring on the lens is awesome, dont even have to switch into a 'manual' mode to use these.
Edit: The lens Accessories for this is kind of weak, a big diffrence in lens size of the camera and the actual lens size on the actuall lenses. Nasty looking lens tube. The A2 is still in the picture though (hah, pun).

[s]Canon Powershot Pro, i'm really liking the picture quality and the overall shape of this camera. Plus Canon is a reliable company.[/s]
Edit: The Powershot Pro is out of the picture. The lens Accessories are horrible on it. The 2.2x teleconverter vignetts like nothing else. So that is out of the question.

Sony F828. The shape is a little diffrent, but it has some 'Sony only' type of features. I'm liking this one.
Edit: I'm really leaning towards this. Its beutifull, lenses are flawless on it. The Raynox 1.85x (370mm lens equiv. for film cams) doesnt vignett, the 2.2x (440mm lens equiv for film cams) lens does vignett, but it can be cropped out.

And there is the Canon Digital Rebel. Sure, its dslr, but im not sure if I like it that much. I cant afford pricy lenses for it, plus I dont know how much better it will be. I can get it for cheaper probably then some of the others I listed, but I havent had any expereince with any of these cameras, but read reviews. I cant try any of them out, seeing as we don't have a camera shop around us.
Edit: The D-Rebel performs weird using Raynox lenses. I know I can buy a specific lenses for the Canon, seeing as it is a DSLR, but they are pricy. It vignets weird on telephoto lenses and the .24x fisheye (which is like a 15mm fisheye or something) is pretty weak on it, seeing as the two lenses (camera lens and fisheye) are much diffrent in size. I looked at lenses that are made specifically for the camera, and I cant afford a $1000 lens, thats a stab.

I'm open for suggestions in the $700-$1000(ish) price range. I really want to get back into photography, for serious this time. I get payed to go on trips with our bike shop for race photography, but my camera sucked so bad I couldnt do it. So a new camera will be awesome as a second source of income.

However, im really looking at the F828, it performs well with Raynox lenses and is the closest I can get to a DSLR, without it being one. Will this be a good choice for action shots? How bad is the shutter lag?

Its a race between the A2 and the F828.
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I have an 828 and love it. Shutter lag is non-existant.

The Minolta A2 is also excellent. The EVF beats the Sony, and it has IS. However, the overall handling, control layout, and general usability is much better on the Sony in my opinion (and yes, I've used both).

My advice to you would be go to a store that has both and use each one for 5 or 10 minutes. Take some shots. Chances are, one will just feel better in your hands. Buy that one.
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The 828 is a fantastic Camera. I recently traded mine on a D70. I love the D70 for it's speed, flexability (because of the ability to change lenses) But I am really missing the 828. The lens on the Sony is fantastic, the swivel body came in handy on many occasions and the ability to shoot night shot and very high quality video is a nice bonus. Anther nice thing is the speed of memory sticks. uploading a full 1 gig stick is way faster thanmy 1gig Sandisk Ultra II.

I will be getting an 828 again to use in addition to the D70 (I'm actually going to call the shop I traded it to this morning and see if they still have it.)

After using a bunch of cameras I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. There is noise at higher ISO levels, but I don't remember ever having a shot ruined by it, especially when you factor in the 8MP resolution. . .

My boys smiling for the 828.
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