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I've found a couple of retailers selling the Z3 in silver or black, the silver being about $20 less. I happen to like the look of the silver better, but the feel of the black better (it's a bit texturized) so either will do. What I need to know is if they are identical otherwise. I'm concerned that the silver is being eliminated and is simply the early run models, perhaps more prone to problems. Does anyone know if my suspicions are true? I'm anxious to order my new toyjavascript:emoticon(':-)',%20'images/emoticons/icon_lol.gif'), but I would probably save the $20 if it's simply a cosmetic difference.
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Remember that many venues like football, hockey and etc. will let you bring in a silver camera while they turn away the guys with the black "pro" looking cameras. I have heard this from many Digital Rebel owners who said that they were allowed to bring in their camera with a small zoom lens. And they saw other folks with black SLRs being told to take it back to their car before entering the stadium.
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Thanks for that tip. I would have never thought of it. I went to a concert last night that was ruling out audio and video recorders, but allowing cameras in. It made me wonder how long until all concerts ban all cameras, since so many can now record video.

I prefer the silver because I'm tired of everything being black. All of my cameras are black, all of my camera bags are black, nearly all of my accessories are black. When I'm reaching into a bag, I would like a little reflection of light to help me find what I'm looking for.
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That's interesting... also, I remember reading this somewhere about the blacK or Silver FZ10:

The blacK model absorbs light, which could be an issue when shooting outdoors during the day (heating)

The Silver model reflects light, which could be an issue when shooting wildlife (you're more noticeable) or if doing "paparazzi" shots.

In adittion to that, some say scratches will be more noticeable in the silver model, which could make more difficult to sell it afterwards. But perhaps, if you take good care of it, that would not be an issue.

Perhaps those considerations can help you.
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