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As you can see I live in the UK,I have narrowed my choice to one of two the Sony P 100 or the P93.The price of each is P100 - £220 and the P 93 - £240.:?
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I would buy from someone like www.cameras2u.comwho give good service, fast delivery and a 14 day no-quibble exchange...and at excellent prices. Then if you get the wrong choice first time it isn't a disaster.

There is something a bit weird about the prices you mention, the P100 should be more expensive.

Cameras2U are £189.99 for the P93 and £223.99 for the P100.

If you dowant a P100 then look hard at the P120, for just £42 more you get a spare InfoLithium battery and a nice leather case. The battery alone is worth that and you will need a spare with these cameras straight away.

Bear in mind the P100/120 charges its battery in the camera. This is a pain and you may need to budget for a Sony stand-alone charger to free up the camera for taking images rather than being a very expensive battery charger! These are about £45-£65.

For the P93 another pair of Sony AA rechargeables will suffice at about £8 extra. Of course you will need to buy the P93 a case for about £6.

To make a fair comparison a P120 (with extra battery and case inc)plus extra stand alone chargerwill total perhaps £320.

A P93 with case and extra AAs will only be £205.

I would have to think really hard as to why I'd pay £115 more for the P100/120.

Hope that helps.


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