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Ive been searching for a camera since 3 weeks ago. I first purchased a canon s1 is, I liked the feeling of it in my hand and it looked cool, but when taking pictures some times they are a bit out of focus. Maybe its me that i didnt know how to use the camera very much.

Now after reasearching alot i have come to two conclusions the panasonic fz3 or the fz15, Im not shure if you can manual focus withe the fz3, But o well. I think ill be buying my camera tomarrow. Any last words before i drop my cash ?

Thanks for help possible.

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If you're going to buy it tomorrow, you'll probably have to get the FZ3. I'm not aware that any stores are stocking the FZ15 as yet. It may be available on line, but I'm not sure if they can promise immediate delivery.

The FZ3 is physically a little smaller, which may be an advantage in your eyes, or a disadvantage, depending on your personal preferences. The FZ3 is 3 megapixels, while the FZ15 is 4. Probably not a big deal, unless you plan on making some pretty big enlargements. With the great zoom lens on either camera, you can do a lot of your cropping before you take the shot.

The FZ15 does not take movies with sound, if that makes any difference to you. It doesn't to me, but to some people, it's important. You will also have to shell out approximately an additional $100 (US) for the FZ15 than you would for the FZ3. That's based on MSRP, and of course, you may not have to pay list price, depending on where you buy. I think Circuit City is offering the FZ3 with a $50 gift card right now, so that will bring your cost down by $50 and make the price difference $150.

Idon't think you will be disappointed with either camera. Good luck with your decision.
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