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Any info provided that can help me make my decision is greatly appreciated!

What I'm looking for:

Great image quality in a small (preferably pocketable) point-and-shoot. I will almost always shoot with 4x6 prints in mind. Maybe I will do a 5x7 now and then, and on a rare occasion I will go up to 8x10, but, again, rarely.

That being said, I have had in my mind (and, thus, it has been dictating my research) that I should get a 4MP camera. Lately, I've been thinking that a 3MP would be plenty. So, given my criteria, would a 3MP really be sharp enough up to the 5x7 or 8x10 print options? I don't want to overbuy on the MP factor, but I want the best images possible.

Also, I don't care about video options.

Canon S410:

I love its design and feel. The reviews on image quality have made me a believer. What I'm hesitant on is the lack of scene modes. I'm particularly drawn to Portrait modes which will automatically give a depth of field look to people shots (which will dominate our photo taking). I don't need a ton of modes (snow, fireworks, etc. aren't needed), but I'd rather not have to learn a bunch of settings to get the shot I want if it can be achieved automatically. I wish the S410 had the features of the A85.

Nikon CoolPix 4200:

From what I've read, it seems comparable to the S410 plus it has a multitude of scene modes. Easy choice then, right? I've been a little scared off by some reviews saying that it lacks the image quality and color accuracy of the Canon. I know that no camera is perfect and maybe I'm splitting hairs, but I hate to spend $300-400 and get prints back that leave me saying, " I should have got the other one!" Plus, it costs a bit more than the Canon.

3MP options:

Does anyone know what the 3MP equivalents of the abovecams are?

My best guess is:

Nikon 4200 ---> Nikon 3200

Canon S410 ---> Canon SD110 (only 2x zoom, though)

So, I have the same questions as above, but now applied to the 3MP cams.

I may go with the Canon SD200 as it is like the new SD300 but at 3MP. That way I get my scenes with my pocket Canon. But, then again, the Nikon 3200 can be had for under $200 now.

Am I right tounderstand that the Nikons take care of red eye better than the Canons?


Any help?

Thanks in advance.

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Did you decide, because I am in the same boat...deciding between the S410 and SD-200.
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I went with the SD200 and, so far, I am happy with it. Not having had another good quality digicam to compare prints with it, I can only say that I think the prints look great. I don't know if the 410 would produce anything better or worse. It is quite a bit smaller than the 410, which makes it quite pocketable, but it does not have the sturdy feel you get with the 410's metal body.

I did some comparisons of the major online photo services. Though PCMag likes Shutterfly's quality the best, I found Snapfish and Ofoto to give better results, at least on the photos I uploaded. Matte finish also makes the results seem nicer, I think. Make sure you get good prints made so you know whether the developing or the camera is responsible for quality issues.

So far, no complaints.

Good luck.
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