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I have just started SLR photography and never understood all the f numbers and digits well. I would like to buy a decent SLR under $350 with a set of lenses so that i can do

+ pictures of Fall trees , lakes arnd my place
+ portraits and model portfolio of my friends
+ sunsets , sunrises etc
+ Snow Fall etc..

They are for my personal collection , so i do not need pro quality .

i have figured out i get a n75 for 220 $ with 28-80 af f3.3 - 5.6 G lense and for another 130 $ i get 70-300 mm f4.5 - 5.6 G.

The question is ?

1. Do i need a 70-300 mm lens for above purposes ? what use is a 70-300mm lens?
2. where do i get info abt what all these numbers i never cudnt understand them well.any urls?
3. This is my first slr buy ,Is N75 with above combo the right choice?(my budget is 400 $).am i spending my hard earned money stupidly?

sorry for bein a pest , but i wud appreciate any response ..

Thanks in Advance,
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For beginners I would recommend the Nikon N75. I used N50 and I was looking for a more featured model and the N75 would have definitely my choice. Nikon N75 is also lighter and with lots of features .. perfect for beginners. I should recommend you to read (at least from Internet) some photography guides to get the details about f-stops, shutter times, DOF, exposure values, composition and so on. And then you can use the N75 to take great landscapes and whatever you like. You will then find that you'll have to settle to a good negative film oy maybe a slide film. Photography is a very wide field, so you have a lot to learn and experiment. And again, the N75 is a GREAT tool to enter with. Regarding the 70-300mm, it's a must for experienting these focals. You can use it for portraits and other detail shots. After getting used to the camera and after some dozens of films I would recommend another investment, and that is a sharper lens, by example a 24-85, which would be perfect for your kind of shots (lakes, sunsets, snowfall, trees). And to write you another sugestion, you might want, for beggining purposes, to get a 28-200mm or even a 28-300mm (Tamron or Sigma) .. which aren't expensive .. but beware that these are less quality and I suggested those only for learning focals without having to carry and exchanging lenses all the time. After you got it, you by yourself will need more quality and look for better lens that these (the 24-85by example).

Tell us if you went for the N75 and let us know where we can see some of your SLR work

And you've asked for some links:






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Check out the new Rebel that was just announced. Much more features than the Nikon, plus you have access to hundreds more lenses.
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I am very very thankful the advice you have given. I am going to get a N75 mm and take the 70-300 mm lense . And you would be the first one to see my pics with it.

Thanks again for helpin when it was needed the most.


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