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I know these are two complete different cammeras. But I can get Olympus with the fast same price (+20%). I use it mostly on seminars, where the speaker is under reflector light, I am 10-30meters away.


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Well, between these two models, the Sony has a longer lens (more zoom), equivalent to a 190mm maximum focal length in a 35mm model. Although, you can get teleconverters to extend the focal range of either.

I'd try out these models (or models with similar focal ranges) in a store so you'll get a better idea of how much Optical Zoom you want, keeping in mind how much of the frame you'll want the speaker to occupy. 30 meters is a long ways away. Although, you could crop a photo with software later. But, keep in mind that if you crop a photo to make it look like twice as much optical zoom was used, you only end up with 1/4 the original resolution (because resolution is calculated by multiplying width x height).

The Sony also allows higher ISO Speeds (the maximum ISO speed on the Olympus is ISO 320). Although, you really don't want to go any higher than you have to (to keep noise levels manageable).

However, you may find it difficult to get quality photos indoors in mostconditions outside of the flash range (which you will be at longer focal lengths without a powerful external flash), depending on the viewing/print sizes needed.

You'll need to increase the ISO speed toreduce motion blur from camera shake and/or subject movement. This will increase noise (similar to film grain) in your images. I don't know how bright the lighting will be. But, chances are, it's not as bright as you think.

You can find software tools to help reduce noise though (but this won't help motion blur from camera shake). If you can use a Tripod or Monopod, that would help, too. Here are a few tools to reduce noise:




Your best bet for this type of photography is a DSLR Model with a bright lens. These can shoot at higher ISO speeds with lower noise (thanks to their larger sensors). However, this would increase your cost substantially (and it would be a larger and heavier solution, especiallybecause of the size of the lens needed to maintain good brightness throughout the focal range).

An example would be a cameralike the Nikon D70 using a Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 EX HSM lens (one of theleast expensive lenses with this focal range, able to keep a constant f/2.8 aperture for faster shutter speeds in lower light conditions).

This combination would run you around $1,800 discounted from reputable U.S. online vendors (plus the cost of a larger memory card and any other accessories and lenses you may want); with this lens giving you a 35mm equivalent focal range of 105-300mm (you must multiply the actual focal length of the lens used with the D70 by 1.5 to determine the 35mm equivalent focal length). This is because the sensor is smaller than 35mm film.

Depending on the use for the photos, you may be able to getby with one of the models you're looking at (but I'd try to buy from a vendor that allows returns, in case you're not satisified with the results -- which will be very dependent onhow good the lighting is, and the print/viewing sizes needed)
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Thank you for such exhaustive answer.

I will try with SONY, and then I will see farther.

You really helped me a lot!

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